Musings: Lana Del Who?

Lana Del Rey is possibly the biggest musician to come out of 2012 so far. With her smoky voice and Americana-lyrics and New York attitude, she provides a refreshing take on popular music, albeit slightly morbid. At first, I wasn’t really sure about her, but after listening to the ‘Born to Die’ repetitively, I was hooked.

Her music videos can be literally described as ‘Instagrammed’ perfection, with that old vintage look and soft focus setting. I particularly love her ‘Born to Die’ and ‘Blue Jeans’ videos (See below), there is something so ethereal, classy and effortless about her.

Seeing her at iTunes Festival

I recently queued up at the iTunes Festival for five hours to see her and finally got let in, FIVE minutes before she came onstage. Her voice is so much better in person, even though her music isn’t the liveliest, Lana is not a perfumer, she is a singer. So if you’re looking for a Rihanna-like fast paced show, you would be disappointed. One thing I love about her is how shy she is, she has this humble attitude about her like she doesn’t realise she is famous?

If you don’t like her now, I’m sure she’ll be bigger in years to come and you’ll love her.

Char xo

Featured gif sourced from GIPHY. 


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