Musings: Rihanna, Style Icon (2012 Edition)

Rihanna is possibly the most-talked about celebrity in the past few years, from her constant hair-colour changes to her tumultuous relationship with R&B crooner Chris Brown. Rihanna is certainly a character of her own, she is not afraid to speak her mind, cause controversy with video banned in a number of countries, all with amazing style to match. Rihanna Style Icon

The Bajan island beauty has the ability to be able to pull off somewhat questionable fashion choices that may be deemed risqué on others. From her casual to red-carpet outfits, Rihanna brings her sex-appeal and no-fear attitude to fashion, making it fun to emulate. I could talk about Rihanna’s outfits for days, I love the fact that she mixes higher-end designer pieces and high-street choices that we can afford.

Rihanna is a great influence on everyday style because she isn’t afraid to take it to the next level. She is a young woman, not afraid to mix prints, change her hair, get inked or wear those ridiculously long nails. I cannot wait for her fashion collection to launch with River Island next year. Usually I hate celebrity fashion-lines because they’re tacky and overpriced (I’m looking at you Kelly Brook). However, I am a huge fan of Rihanna (I’ve seen her over five times in concert), due to the fact I’m half Bajan and I’m proud to see someone from my small Caribbean island take risks in life.

Char xo


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