Musings: My Favourite Tracks of 2012

Music isn’t the same as it used to be, it’s evolving and it’s changing, Flo-rida, Pitbull and David Guetta seem to be on every single track. However there are a few tracks that have stood out over the past year…here is a list of my favourite tracks from this year!

Lana Del Rey The Paradise Edition

Rihanna – Diamonds

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans

Florence and the Machine – Bedroom Hymns

Kanye West – Lost In The World

Coldplay – Paradise

Hot Chip – Night and Day

Rita Ora- Roc’ the Life

Kanye West and Jay-Z – Murder to Excellence

Frank Ocean – Swim Good

Feel free to comment and tell me what your favourite songs are from this year!

Char xo

Please note: The images used in this post have been sourced in Google images and do not belong to me. They are just to reference the content in this post.

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