Musings: Film, My Greatest Love Affair

Film will always be my great love.

I’ve always been interested in fashion and music but there is something about the visual element of a film that keeps me gripped. I would watch movies all day every day if I could, there are so many stories out there, waiting to be watched and made.

I have wanted to work in this industry since I started my Media Studies A-level when I had to film and edit a two- minute thriller trailer as part of my coursework. It’s somewhere floating on YouTube

However, there are some films and genres I cannot stand, I’m looking at you rom-coms.. However to work in the creative industry, you need to be open-minded. Not all films are deemed successful due to box-office hits or awards. Some are successful because they inspire their audiences, prompting them to think, wander and discover.

Who remembers the days before CGI, Surround Sound and 3D glasses?

There are millions of films out there, so don’t be afraid to watch something different. Studying film has allowed me to become culturally aware of the wider world of film, some of the films I have seen are in different languages. I remember watching the infamous Y Tu Mama Tambien in my first year of uni…that was definitely an eye-opener.

I used to hate black and white movies, I always thought movies were about colour, the brighter the better. But growing up, I’ve become much more open-minded and some of my favourite films are: Sin City, Psycho and Layer Cake.

The whole process from pre to post production is lengthy but shows how much work and passion goes into the process


Char xo


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