Memoirs: Du-Bye to Dubai

Dubai is possibly the most insanely amazing crazily stunning* place I have ever visited. To me, it is the perfect city – a stunning skyline, beautiful beaches and the world’s biggest shopping mall. What more could you want?

*delete adjective as appropriate

However, Dubai can be expensive, but it’s possible to do even if you’re on a tight budget. It really depends on what you want out of the holiday. If you’re more a beach dweller than sightseer, you don’t really need to spend much. But if you like a bit of both, you can  both. There is virtually something for every budget in Dubai, if you’re really on a budget there are supermarkets and fast-food places everywhere. Cabs are dirt-cheap too and the Metro is even cheaper, so getting around easily is the least of your worries.

Flying Time – 7 hours from London Heathrow

Plenty of airlines fly to Dubai, I think it’s in the top ten of busiest airports in the world, so there will always be a flight available and at all times. I would recommend looking at Sky Scanner to keep an eye on prices. But if you really want to save, go off-peak. 


My friend and I stayed at the Bonnington Jumeirah Lakes Towers – a lovely 5* hotel only 20 minutes away from the airport (well anywhere is). I really enjoyed my stay here, the room was huge, the bath tub was even bigger and the bed was so comfy. The Leisure Deck is stunning too, with an infinity pool and plenty of sun loungers available. My only negative point is that I wish we had a room higher up to admire the view (instead of the hotel car park) but other than that the hotel is great. Don’t get me started on the room service… 


Nasimi Beach at The Atlantis is free to non-guests but you have to pay on a tab basis. We acquired one of the cabanas at around £140 (800 AED) for the day and we used this against food and drink. It sounds expensive, but the more of there you are, the cheaper it will be. Or if there are just two of you, you can eat and drink until your heart’s content.  It turns into a beach party in the evening too, the DJ is amazing, playing some old classics! The staff here really go that extra mile and happy hour is never far away. A must visit if you want a chic lazy beach day – the water was clear, warm and shallow. 

We also visited Baristi Beach which had more of a youthful atmosphere – I did enjoy it here but much preferred Nasimi as the view of the Dubai skyline from the beach is breathtaking!


Above at The Sofitel

Above at the Sofitel Downton Hotel has amazing views of the Burj Khalifa and their Bullfrog cocktails (containing Gin, Tequila, Vodka, Bacardi and Blue Curacao) are a definite must.

Uptown Bar

Uptown Bar at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel is another rooftop bar with stunning panoramic views of the Dubai skyline and the coast. I would recommend coming here at sunset for a truly magical time – but at night is just as beautiful.

Overall, Dubai is really what you make it, if you want a city break or a beach holiday, you can do both. I would recommend visiting between October to April for bearable temperatures.

Char xo

P.S. Wearing heels (which I detest) in Dubai are a must on a night out!


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