Musings: Overexposed?

Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. Pinterest. Tumblr. WhatsApp. iMessage.

Just how many more ways do we need to connect?

Earlier this year, I deleted my Facebook account and managed to last a week. The only reason I went back was to login to Spotify – there really is no escape is there?!

Then I just sort of realised I can have Facebook and not use it, keeping my profile to a minimum and only occasionally logging on to see what my nearest and dearest are up to. Do I really want to see all the “full-time mummies” constant updates about their little darling’s potty training? No. Twitter is much better for intellectually stimulating conversation. Although, do beware of the trolls.

I used to get major FOMO when I saw my friends hanging with each other and myself clearly not being invited. But I just don’t care anymore, I clearly was not invited for a reason (LMFAO this sounds so serious, maybe they knew I wouldn’t be free?).

I always have two good men to keep me company anyway… Ben & Jerry. On a real note, I think self-love is so important. You should aim to become your own best friend.

Everything you doesn't need to be seen or heard

Going out for dinner with friends has changed too…I always find it rude when the person I’m with is engrossed in their phone. Like what is so important? If I ever started a restaurant chain, it’d be mandatory to hand in your phones on entry. It is as though face to face conversation will become a distant memory. Services such as Facetime and Skype already have this covered for us. Will we even need to go outside in the future when we have everything we need at our fingertips?

My favourite social media at the moment is Snapchat. It’s simple to use and I don’t have to pretend to look like I have an interesting life. Best of all, you can see who has viewed your ‘snaps’, so there is no chance of ‘randomers’ stealing your photos to catfish you. But at the same time, this is just a snapshot into someone’s life – you only show what you want others to see. The same goes for your perception of what you’re watching… 

Another app I recently stumbled across is Yik Yak – I would describe it as an anonymous Twitter for people in your area. It’s great to see people post their thoughts behind a veil of anonymity. You’ll probably find out things you never knew or things you’ll never want to know. It’s entirely up to you.

Stunting on the ‘Gram

A picture speaks a thousand words.
Maintain your mysteryI’m not going to lie I have carefully edited my pictures before posting them on Instagram (God bless you Facetune and the Aden filter). I’ve even gone as far as WhatsApping my close friends to ask “Is this IG worthy?”. Once I have the seal of approval, I don’t hesitate to post and watch those little likes roll in. (I also routinely delete my Instagram photos for some reason). But in my anti-social social media phase of 2015, I only post when I’m doing “stuff”, i.e when I’m on holiday or going out. I’ll save my day to day boring life for Snapchat. 

Is image everything? 

However, what really grates me on Instagram is this pre-conceived notion of how you should live your life. Maybe it’s a London thing or maybe it’s the influence of celebrities being able to give you a glimpse into their world but there is certainly something unusual about this social network. Again, it depends on how you use it and the people you follow. Maybe I’m reading into photos too much but there is certainly a superficial aspect that comes with Instagram. But, as Kim Kardashian would put it, if you’re “feeling your look” and want to show it off the world, then why not. 

A lasting thought…

How much time do we spend trying to document our lives via social media than actually trying to live them?

Sometimes you gotta unplug yourself and go out there and live.

Char xo

Please note – Images in this post have been sourced from Instagram (ironically!) and are only used for reference purposes. They do not belong to me.

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