Now you know I had to share my side of the colour charts perspective 😉 Like Char, my teenage years were plagued with wearing the wrong shade of foundation in none other than Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse Cocoa 70. Even when I knew that wasn’t the correct shade I still wore it, simply because at times I wished I was fairer and thought ‘heck this will do‘. Had I known what I know now about make up then, I would have saved myself the embarrassment of looking so patchy! But you live and you learn I guess..

Image sourced from Unsplash.

I just want to set the scene a little and share with you my struggles. I have uber oily skin and I am probably a shade lighter than Lupita, so in foundation terms I am possibly one of the darkest shades a brand has to offer (in most luxury brands my shade doesn’t even exist). So I have the ultimate first-world problem, a female with a combination of oily skin and being “too” dark, which makes foundation shopping a task from hell!

Never before has it been a great time to be a dark woman! Why I hear you ask? Well I tell you, because the likes of Arlenis Sosa Pena, Alek Wek and Tika Sumpter and many other dark-skinned ladies in the media’s spotlight have paved the way for brands to not only expand their colour chart, but to also cater for the various skin types that believe it or not are prevalent in the dark skin community…

For when I am doing the most the following have not let me down as of yet:

I’ve been through dozens of primers but none does it for me than Mac’s Prep and Prime Refined Zone Primer it really does exactly what it says it’s meant to do. From the matte finish to the long last I absolutely live and breathe this stuff. My only problem is that there isn’t enough of the stuff in the tidily tube it comes in.

Underneath my basic Naked Skin Weightless Foundation you can find me contouring and highlighting with two shades of Lancome Idole Ultra 24H, it sounds like effort but believe me when I say that this stuff is the **** , I am not lying! Colour, longevity, fragrance, feel and finish is why I swear by the stuff for my diva moments, I always get comments on how radiant my skin looks and for that I thank Lancome.

A quick brush of Mac Deep Dark Mineralise and operation “painting my face” as my father would say is nearly complete. To follow are brows, mascara blush and all the other finishing touches but I’ll save that for another blog post.

And for my basic days you can find me using the following:

To prep my face I use Smashbox Photo Finish Light, this is good but not as good as Mac’s Prep and Prime Refined Zone primer, nonetheless, it does the job and works for my au natural look especially after a long day at the office, my make up still looks on point, if I say so myself :p

Two pumps of Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Foundation that’s enough for the day coverage ( I also use this as my base before my nights out) and we are nearly good to go.

I then swirl the biggest brush in my make up jar clockwise ,once, into Iman’s Oil Blotting Pressed Powder in Dark for a matte finish. What I love most about this powder is that even when I use it light handedly on only primed face I still have a glow. Not to mention the blend is a perfect match too.

Lessons Learned

When in search for something to help me with my oily skin I first started using Benefit Porefessional, everyone was raving on about it from the blogs to the big names such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan. Being the product junkie that I am, I ran to the nearest department store to purchase what seemed at the time a gift from God. I later learned that having oily skin does not necessarily equate to having big pores, which I do not have and so the product didn’t work for me.

Again, Vogue and Cosmopolitan informed me that Cliques Invisible Powder would help to control that shine, control the shine it did. But oh my did I look as if I had just thrown talcum powder over my face, not good!

You may giggle, but constantly being on the search for the correct combination of foundation has taught me that one should never compromise in anything in life, after all it’s your hard-earned money you are using to purchase the goods.
Never settle for less, and be true to yourself and needs.

Nads xo

Please note – Images in this post have been sourced from Google images and are only used for reference purposes. They do not belong to me.


Written by memoirsmusings (Char)

I don't know what to write here but I like travelling, Nando's and black hair dye. I am slowly compiling my memoirs...and a few musings along the way. ✈️


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