Memoirs: That Feeling When…

  • You take off a certain undergarment after a long day.
  • You get your eyebrows done and you feel like you can conquer the world.
  • You paint your nails without smudging them.
  • You quench your thirst after a really good workout.
  • You manage to stay in your heels all night without falling over.
  • You feel like the abs are finally starting to come through after laughing so much.
  • You finally start to fall in love with yourself.
  • You can get the comb through your hair beginning to end with no knots or tangles.
  • You get your winged eyeliner perfect in one go.
  • You just enjoy someone’s company with no fakery or pretences.
  • You get the job you’ve always wanted.
  • You finally get your head around something that has been racking your brains for ages.
  • You’re recognised for work you’ve done well.
  • You hit those high notes in the shower. 
  • You think to yourself “I am happy”.
Image sourced from Unsplash.

 Char xo

Please note – Images in this post have been sourced from Google images and are only used for reference purposes. They do not belong to me.

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