Musings: My Kinda Nudes…

I’ve been recently inspired by all things ‘nude’, you might think I’m being over the taupe (see what I did there). There is something so beautiful and elegant about wearing nude, beige, caramel tones, whether it be on your nails, clothing or shoes. When you think spring or summer, it is ingrained in our brains to think ‘oh I can start wearing colour now’, inspiring you to spring clean and bring back out those pastel tones.

Don’t get me wrong, I love colours but lately I’ve been going through a phase of my staple tones with clothing and nails. I’ve been opting to wear mostly all black with hints of grey, navy, khaki or white (occasionally oxblood). Spring/Summer 2015 is going to see me sticking to this no matter how hot it gets as I really do find it difficult to wear bright colour. I would rather wear bright blue eyeliner than a bright blue cami top.

This is my take on the nude look for this Spring/Summer – my nail polish is ‘Tickle my France-y’ from OPI and the lipstick is Mac’s ‘Spirit‘.

2015-02-16 08.34.28

What will you be opting for this Spring/Summer?

Char xo

Please note – Images in this post have been sourced from Instagram and are only used for reference purposes (except the one of me – ha).. They do not belong to me.

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