Memoirs: Island Girl in Barbados, My First Visit Back Home

Being half-Bajan, I was so excited to finally visit what I would call my Motherland in summer of 2014. I booked my flights with Newmont Travel which allow you to leave a small deposit and pay off a few weeks before you fly. I would highly recommend them – you can book online, over the phone or at their store located in Shepherds Bush.

This was also my first time flying with Virgin Atlantic and I must say I was very impressed. Their service is fantastic and makes your holiday start from the moment you get on the plane. The food wasn’t too bad either, leg room was pretty decent (hello thick thighs) and there was a good range of movies available is enough to keep you entertained for the eight-hour flight. And of course, I had to start off my Caribbean adventure with a little rum

Barbados has such a laid-back attitude to life, a slower relaxed pace that suited the hot weather and sea breeze. I cannot begin to describe this gem of an island, but Barbados is truly breathtaking. Not a skyscraper in sight, once you step off the plane, the humidity  hits you and you might just think you are in Heaven.


There is so much to do in Barbados, from simply sunbathing, fishing, exploring and eating (You must try the roti wrap from Chefette). I have mentioned a few of the things I got up to below…

If you are after white sand and clear blue seas, try Browns Beach. I celebrated my 24th birthday here and I can truly say what an amazing day. Try the local island beer Banks to feel like a true Bajan. 


2014-07-21 16.39.52

Mullins Beach is great if you love water sports – jet skis, banana boats are just a few of the things you can try. This was my first time on a jet-ski and I absolutely loved it, although I was too scared to drive mine on my own. 

If you are wanting to sample some true Bajan rum, I would recommend you take a visit to the Mount Gay Rum distillery. Not wanting to spoil it for you, but you enter sober and leave drunk. It is also amazing to see how much goes into the production process of a bottle of rum. You might find yourself turning into a rum connoisseur by the end of the day, but I loved learning how it rum is such an important part of Bajan culture and history. 


I stayed in a guesthouse for most of my trip but I also stayed in a hotel for a few days too, that being the Bougainvillea Beach Resort. I had a Junior Suite all to myself and frankly, I did not want to leave! My room was absolutely huge and lead out to the pool and beach area. Even though I was only there for a few days, it really felt like home. The staff and service in Barbados are absolutely impeccable, there was not any awkwardness at all! The Bougainvillea Beach Resort is a fantastic hotel with a secluded beach area, think white sand and clear blue sea. There is nothing worse than worrying about your things going missing like you would on a public beach. 

2014-07-15 15.02.58-2


There is so much to do and see in Barbados, even though I was there for 10 days, I reckon I could have stayed for 10 more. The next time I visit, I would most likely hire a car as the bus services are a little too “laid back” and the cabs can be a little pricey.

If you want a laid back holiday and want to see where Rihanna is from, Barbados is awaiting with some Mount Gay Rum.





2014-07-17 12.33.15-1

Char xo

Please note – Images in this post have been taken by me on my old iPhone 5 and my camera (for once). 


22 thoughts on “Memoirs: Island Girl in Barbados, My First Visit Back Home

  1. We went there for our honeymoon and bloody loved it. The fish is amazing – I forget the name of the cheap delicious meaty fish you can get everywhere.

    I also had an amazing curry at the airport coming home. It certainly beats Maccie Ds!

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