Musings: Home

It perplexes me how people can live and work in London comfortably.

I was having this conversation with my friend and it left me wondering if we’re gonna be young, dumb and living with mum forever?

The answer right now is probably…

Fast forward 10 years from now – 36 and fabulous but still living at home.  Not old enough for a mid-life crisis but too old for a quarter life crisis…
In all seriousness, the whole property saga in London is purely circumstantial. I know those whose parents have happily helped them, inherited some money or just sheer good luck got on the property ladder before all this shit.
By shit, I mean the idea of owning your own home is now a distant dream for us millennials (I hate that word but it seems fitting).
I asked my BFF her thoughts on all this SHIT and she said:
‘It’s almost impossible to do it on your own without some sort of family help, most people nowadays move in with their partners because of convenience rather than “love” if that makes sense’.
All signs point to GO. Our lives a game of Monopoly? Sometimes it feels like I’ve been straight to jail and the only way to get out is to follow a similar pattern to those around me. Maybe I don’t want my life to be defined by bricks and mortar, but the imprints I leave in the memories of those around me.
For me, in London – the only thing really keeping me here is my friends and family.
The world is bigger than Zone 1 to 6.
Whenever I leave this city to go on holiday I’m shocked at how nice and friendly people are. I dunno about you but when I’m on the tube I can turn in a soulless hostile monster. You know those cold hearted looks you give someone when their Metro smacks your face or your squashed into a corner after falling victim to a manspreader. 😠
What I’m really getting is that as much as London feels like it has this so called vibe and energy, in actuality, it is slowly disappearing thanks to gentrification. Clubs like Fabric are disappearing, small independent shops are closing down, luxury flats are popping up everywhere and anywhere but it feels like the London I once knew is going.

Char xo

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