Musings: My Luxury Wishlist

If money was no object these babies would be hanging in my wardrobe right now…

Celine Bag

The Celine bag is classic, elegant, lazy, clean, simple and minimal and put-together at the same time. It is the perfect size for everyday and looks great with flats, heels, sandals, boots…EVERYTHING. It retails at around £2k… (yeah I’ll keep dreaming).

Christian Louboutin Shoes

Loubies. Red bottoms. CLs.

The iconic flash of the red sole is enough to drive some women (and men) insane. I cannot walk in heels (unless they’re chunky platforms and even then I still complain), but one day I want to be able to. The Pigalles, to me, are the most beautiful CL shoe. Classic, elegant, simple and minimal all at the same time (Just like the Celine bag). The Pigalles are around £425 which is actually pretty good for a designer shoe, I guess if I’ve been good this year I may have to treat myself at Christmas…or in the Boxing Day sales!


Marchesa dresses, or Marchesa, in general, excites me every time Fashion Week rolls around. Their dresses are intricate, romantic and edgy all at the same time. If I ever get the chance to go to a ball or red-carpet event (ONE DAY)… this will be my first choice! 

A girl can dream, right? 

All I know is that I need to work hard or marry rich (in mind, body, and spirit obvs), preferably the first one as I like buying my own things… the whole issue of marrying rich is another debate for another blog post.

WORK HARD AND TREAT YOURSELF…but remember to be wise.

Reading back through Nadine’s post about saving has taught me to reward myself but also be also be frugal – it can be done! 

What is on your wish-list?

 Char xo


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