Musings: I’m Going to New York!

I’m going to New York!

I'm so exicted@

After barely being back a week from Vegas and I had the post-holiday blues and was itching to have something to look forward to once again.

Deciding with my travel buddy, Tessa is easy as we have pretty much the same taste in everything. We debated between Cuba and Mexico but then wondered if we really wanted to go somewhere hot again? Then we suddenly decided on New York! I have been wanting to go back to NYC for so long and now my dreams are coming true. I had previously been as a baby but in all honesty it doesn’t really count. So I’ll be off to NYC in chilly February!

There is something about New York in winter that seems so magical. The bright lights, Central Park in the snow, or ploughing through hot chocolates to keep you warm. I am all here for it.

I have been obsessed with American TV shows more than I should be and for longer than I remember. Every year I alternate between re-watching Sex & The City or Gossip Girl itching to run around this glorious city with my woes. It kind of echoes the thoughts I’ve had for years about not belonging in London. I mean I love London and it’ll always be here for me but there is nothing here for me if you know what I mean. It is slowly becoming a city for the ultra-rich, which is great if you are but the opportunities for Generation Y are far and few between. Anyway, back to NYC, cheesy and cliché but I do believe it is where dreams are made. Something for everyone, the cultural hub of the world – I mean even Godzilla called it home for a little while. Everyone wants to live here – I even have an iTunes playlist dedicated to my favourite city.

Perhaps my love for New York has stemmed from my love of high-rise buildings and appreciation for gorgeous architecture. Perusing Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram the New York tags are filled with so much beauty and inspiration. It feels like the place you can be anything you want to be and make it your own. Jay Z and Alicia Keys even penned their homage to their city through song. Frank Sinatra, 50 Cent, Ja Rule and Nas have also penned songs for their love of the Big Apple. Do I feel like this about London? Not at all – I mean I think London is amazing if you’re a tourist or not from here but for me I am just so over it. I cannot wait to leave but for now…


I will always have that New York state of mind. I find myself daydreaming of my future in my small but cosy Upper East Side apartment, happy but home. As cliché as it sounds, I cannot wait to wake up in a city that never sleeps.

Char xo

Please note – images in this post do not belong to me. They have been sourced from Twitter and Instagram for reference purposes only.


21 thoughts on “Musings: I’m Going to New York!

      1. Definitely! I would hit up Los Feliz on the Lower East Side – there are caves in the basement with dancing! Then from there you can go to some really good bars in that area like the D&L, Hotel Chatelaine, Verlaine or Fat Baby. Lower East Side is definitely the party place. West Village is a little more chill, has some fun gay bars. Both are my favorite neighborhoods to go out!

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