I must admit I do take London for granted. Having lived here my entire life I’m easily “meh” and unresponsive to certain things the city offers. I must admit I’ve become bored with it, perhaps it’s because I do the same old thing and I have my same old routine, struggle to fit in or go to any cultural events. Having explored other places over the past year and comparing them to London perhaps has skewed my view? Am I clinging onto memories of my good times in Dubai, Vegas or Barbados knowing that I’ll never have these in London?
My view of London slightly changed on a random night out last Friday. I met up with one of my good friends for a spot of dinner after a long week at work. Having not been to Burger and Lobster in years it seemed appropriate to have another visit. Here is where my long week kicks in, I couldn’t be bothered to order the lobster because I knew it’d be too much work. Instead I opted for the beef burger with double fries instead of salad/fries. I mean it was FRIday right. But I did just pay £20 for a burger BOOOO!

We accompanied our meal with a bottle of rosé and once we finished it was only 7.30pm… The night was still young.

Departing from Little Portland Street in search of a bar, we stumbled (literally) into Mayfair and discovered Sketch. I had heard of Sketch before but not its location, I always thought it was in Soho or Shoreditch. Much to my surprise, Mayfair played home to the weird and wonderful bar that is Sketch. Upon first entering the bar I wondered if I was going to get in frankly because I looked like shit after a long week…but I had nothing to worry about. Perhaps I’d built it up in my head that all things Mayfair came with an air of pretentiousness and a side of snobbery…

Sketch is honestly the weirdest/coolest/surreal bar I have ever been to. I’m not going to go into much detail as I want you to go yourself and experience the madness… But I will show you the loos (classy I know)…

After leaving Sketch a little inebriated we hopped on a bus down to Waterloo to take a walk down The Thames. It was so great to see people out, music blaring and the beautiful lights reflecting off the river. Moments like this make me appreciate my city so much more.

Anyway, the premise of this post was just to say sometimes you can be a wanderer in your own city. 🇬🇧

Sometimes I forget I live in London.

Char xo


Written by memoirsmusings (Char)

I don't know what to write here but I like travelling, Nando's and black hair dye. I am slowly compiling my memoirs...and a few musings along the way. ✈️


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