Memoirs: I’m Just Another Lipstick Lover

Before 2015, I had never really worn lipstick or even really knew how to apply it (embarrassing, I know). If I did attempt to wear lipstick it’d be Maybelline’s Honey Beige, which looking back in photos was absolutely the wrong shade for me. I looked like I’d been eating powered donuts and decided to seal it with a lipgloss. Then I realised, not all nude shades are universal. Many cheaper brands come out with their nude lipstick ranges or even nail varnishes and they are mainly aimed at fairer skin tones. This then propelled me to think, you know what, let me go to more premium brands as their range of colours is vast and wide. I’m sure there would be something for me. I used to love going in to Superdrug and coming out with loads of cheap make-up, but slowly realising that some products weren’t for me, I knew I had to look elsewhere…


A collector or a collection?

My Mac lipstick collection is miniscule compared to others, but all I can say is that I’m obsessed with them each in their own little way. I tend to always buy my lipsticks in the airport because of the duty-free price tag! £15.50 is steep but they are worth it, not as much as Charlotte Tilbury (£23) or Tom Ford (£35), MAC lipsticks are bargains in comparison. There is something so elegant and exciting about those sleek little lipsticks and their whimsical names that  pull at my heartstrings. Who knew I could write so much about lipstick?


IMG_2729 IMG_2731

Spirit is my favourite MAC lipstick ever. Period. I came across this whilst in the airport wasting money as per usual before my flight to Dubai. I had always wanted MAC Myth as I had heard SO much about it, however upon swatching on my hand, it was way too light for me. I was a little disappointed at first but something drew me towards Spirit which was literally right next to Myth. I swatched it on my hand next to Myth and knew this was the shade for me. It is a pink, mauve nude and looks great with and without lipliner (see above), day or night. I would highly recommend this if you’re looking for an alternative to…

Velvet Teddy 


My second most worn MAC lipstick is the blogger and rumoured Kylie Jenner favourite, Velvet Teddy. This is the one I most often get asked what lipstick I am wearing and it is very easy to see why. It is a little darker than Spirit but the texture is matte, so it has incredibly long lasting power. If you are new to MAC, this is definitely the gateway lipstick! Best of all, it suits EVERY skintone, no wonder it is always sold out. Sometimes you just kind of feel like…

100% me.



Jubilee is another nude lipstick that would be great if you’re caramel toned (or darker). It’s sheer and has a lustre finish so great for those days when you can’t be bothered but still don’t want bare lips. I love this shade because it looks like my own lips, just better! I suppose I could experiment more with lipstick more by pairing it with a lipliner all over my lips but I do love Jubilee all on its own.



I came across Sin whilst in Vegas (The City of Sin  get it) this past Summer and really wasn’t sure at first. As you can see from the above lipsticks, I love nudes and have never really had the confidence or skills to wear a darker lip. But you know what, life is too short, buy the lipstick (and the right lip liner) and own it. Sin is a gorgeous dark berry burgundy with a matte formula and lasting staying power. It can be a little drying, so best to exfoliate your lips and put a lip balm on top before and after wearing. I love wearing Sin during those dull winter days or on a night out with smokey eyes.


Mocha is another lipstick that happened to also be purchased on my Vegas trip… I haven’t worn it much to be honest as I haven’t found the right lip liner to go with it. It has more orange undertones that slightly clash with my skin-tone so I need to find a lip liner to balance this out. I recently bought MAC Spice and I think this may just do the job? Alternatively, I may just wait until I get a little paler as winter goes on and whip this out.



Mehr is my most recent MAC lipstick purchase and I really like it! It is still in the nude range (to me anyway), very similar to Velvet Teddy and Spirit but a punchier pink. It isn’t something I thought I would go for but after reading Jasmine Talks Beauty’s post I knew this was a must have! This is another all rounder, perfect for day and night, not too bright and not too dark, basically it is perfect.

I tend to pair these lipsticks with Rimmel’s lipliners in Addiction, Obsession, Capuccino.

Amen Elizabeth T.

What are your favourite  lipsticks?

Char xo

Please note – the images in this post belong to me. The memes/quotes have been sourced from Twitter and Instagram for reference purposes only.

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