Memoirs: A Photo Diary of My 2015

I was going to do a massive round-up month by month of 2015, but I thought why not share some photos instead? This has been my best year to date, even though it started off a little rough, I feel like I’ve really come into my own this year and cannot wait to see what 2016 has to offer!


My first Snapchat of 2015, clearly the early hours of the morning and out of focus!

2015-01-01 08.00.22


My trip to Dubai

2015-02-17 07.48.23

2015-02-17 21.31.30

2015-02-17 20.54.23

2015-02-18 12.48.17

2015-02-18 15.44.33

2015-02-18 16.22.12

2015-02-18 17.41.28

2015-02-19 11.30.34 2015-02-19 13.09.27 2015-02-20 21.57.29


March was an odd month as it involved me cat-sitting for a few weeks and seeing Nicki Minaj and Amerie in one weekend.

2015-03-21 14.47.41 2015-03-28 22.55.40 2015-03-29 22.06.49



April involved a trip to Manchester where I experienced the worst hangover of my life, visited the V&A museum and had lobster in the sky!

2015-04-03 09.48.54 2015-04-03 23.37.17 2015-04-11 15.38.28 2015-04-11 16.07.16 2015-05-29 20.09.15-1 2015-05-29 20.32.10

May and June… 

I have no idea or remember what I got up to in May or June but it must not have been very exciting if I can’t find any decent photos to share!


July involved Wireless Festival, a trip to STK and my dreaded 25th birthday

2015-07-04 07.11.13 2015-07-03 22.26.17

2015-07-11 23.48.56 2015-07-10 20.27.36 2015-07-10 20.27.10 2015-07-10 20.27.54


All about Vegas, that is all. I wonder how much I could have saved if I didn’t go on holiday this year. *voms*

IMG_9976 IMG_9982 IMG_0675-0 cropped-img_0678.jpg IMG_0668 IMG_0667 IMG_0673 IMG_0447


Not going to lie that September was a pretty dull month as I was suffering from a little post-holiday depression prompting me to book NYC! However a highlight of the month was attending Bloggers Festival, dining alone for the first time and exploring London on a Friday night.

IMG_1016 IMG_1011 IMG_1012 IMG_0988  IMG_0994

IMG_1280 IMG_1268 IMG_1256


Not much happened in October apart from a visit to an exhibition and seeing the new Bond movie.

Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition


November involved attended an amazing Bloggeration workshop, find out more here.

img_2602 img_2570 img_2572 img_2593 img_2603


December involved my last little getaway to Rome with my BFF Emma and getting ready to end the year in style! Even though I didn’t have much of a Christmas spirit this year, it didn’t bother me too much. Other notable events were Bloggers Christmas Burger where I met some lovely new blogger pals too.

IMG_3094 IMG_3428 IMG_3399 IMG_3163 IMG_3388 IMG_3171 IMG_3122

Thanks for looking!

Char xo

All my photos were taken on my iPhone 6 as it just makes life a little easier…


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