Memoirs: The NYC Diaries – Part Four

Day four in The Big Apple was a complete and utter write-off.

Being hungover is so unproductive.

Waking up at 1pm with a pounding headache, nausea and dehydration was just a reminder of how much fun I’d had the night before. I don’t even remember how we got back to the hotel, putting on my pyjamas or getting into bed. All I can say is that Ciroc Apple is blacklisted in my never drinking again list. I don’t think I’d felt this bad since my trip to Manchester last year. When will I learn to know my limits?

My friend had gone out sight-seeing with the other girls (who were also a little worse for wear but not as bad as me), so I turned on the TV and drifted back into slumberland… all before I knew I was going to be sick again… So I did the wise thing, of having a shower and heading out to get some fresh air. Luckily, on my solo-travels on the Tuesday I’d bought some tracksuit bottoms for the flight home, so I pulled these on with my Timbalands, faux fur coat with a tiny drop of foundation and this hot mess was ready to go.

Even standing up was an arduous task, but in my drunken state I’d managed to mess up our room even beyond my cleaning capabilities. The Quin is very conveniently located next to Central Park, so I double-checked the route on Citymapper and decided this was the best place to walk off my hangover. Despite the bitter February cold, the sun was shining and I was thankful I had the strength to get out of bed. Fresh air really makes all the difference, as well as being in my favourite city and about to explore probably the world’s most famous park…

Excuse the horrible grammar! But this was so I didn’t get lost.





After walking for about 10 minutes, I needed what every person craves in a hungover state – copious amounts of sugar…


Something I did in NY that I don’t really do in London is tons of walking, and I really enjoyed it. I’m so used to getting the tube from place to place in London as I know exactly where I want to go. Perhaps it was because my surroundings were new and I had so much more to take in.

The snowstorm from the week prior to my visit was still very evident in Central Park and the frosty temperatures had kept some snow around. I couldn’t believe just how big the park was and came across an ice rink, a zoo and lots of little pretty alcoves. I can just imagine how gorgeous this place would be in summer, spring or autumn (Just another excuse for me to come back). After a while, I realised how stupid I was for not bringing my gloves and the cold really started to creep in. So in my still potentially drunk state, I decided to take an overpriced horse and carriage tour of Central Park ($50 if you’re wondering). It was actually lovely to feel some warmth again as the carriage had a blanket, so I laid back and enjoyed the views.








After around half an hour, the carriage ride came to an end and I began to feel much better. The only thing I needed now was food. I mapped out the route back to The Quin Hotel and decided to take the long way back in case I found a McDonalds (A Big Mac or two would have been SO good). Ironically I didn’t find the golden arches of the big M, so I picked up some junk food in Duane Reade and came back to a tidy hotel room with this on my bed:


This is one of the reasons why I loved the hotel, their take on housekeeping was fresh and innovative, keeping in with their luxe boutique style hotel. Even though I’d spent the day alone, I still managed to have some fun exploring once again and the sunshine made it all the better – who doesn’t love some vitamin D?

I took yet another nap and my friend came back from sight-seeing around 9ish – I was still starving, realising my last proper meal was TGIs the day before, so we decided to head down to the hotel’s restaurant, The Wayfarer. Still feeling a little worse for wear, I ordered a burger (with extra bacon and cheese obviously) and fries to soak up all my sins from the night before and it was SO good! I didn’t get a photo of my food but I would highly recommend this restaurant for date night or catching up with friends. It had such a laid back ambience without feeling too fancy or pretentious.

You can read more about my New York adventures here:

Char xo


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