Musings: Can Everyday be Special?

Why are we so obsessed with having luxury items but not actually enjoying them? I’m not saying this applies to everyone but how many times have I heard that “I’ll save this for a special occasion” or  “I only wear that lipstick or perfume on a night out”. I’m guilty of this too, but as I battle my quarter life crisis I wonder if I’m using this as excuse to live beyond my means and harbour expensive things? 

What I’m getting at is that we save all these things for special occasions that are far and few between (unless your circle is popping bottles every single day).

Example –  I have a box in my wardrobe solely dedicated to holiday clothes that I only wear abroad. Would I ever wear a maxi dress in London? No. Maybe it’s because British weather has given me trust issues. You can experience all four seasons in one day and never be prepared (Even June has started off feeling like November). Perhaps I feel more confident and carefree abroad, so that is me saving those clothes for that special occasion.

If I wore my nice stuff everyday then it wouldn’t have much of an impact when I would wear it. Cos if everyday is special then no day is.


Evening clothes are expensive because they’re special. But you only wear them a few times because they’re special.

I think I’ve even had enough of typing the word special in this blog post.

Strolling into work on a Monday morning in a ball gown might deviate from social norms, so there is a time and place for everything which is why people keep things for special occasions.


I always think it is important to think about what makes you feel special – it really doesn’t have to be material. Things that make me feel special is my self-care routine on a Sunday – PT session, long soak in the bath, exfoliate, wash and blow dry my hair, paint my nails and planning the week ahead. Once this is all done I mentally feel at peace with the world. It really is important to take time out for you, my version of special is someone else’s idea of HELL. So if walking around in your high heels and cleaning is your idea of special – ROCK IT.

Char xo


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