Musings: Not Like the Movies

So last night, I decided to take myself to the cinema to see Jason Bourne as I hadn’t been in a while and I longed for the taste of cinema popcorn (there’s something disgustingly enchanting about it). Jason Bourne was a solid 8/10 action movie and considering I haven’t seen any of the other movies from the franchise, it did make sense but also inspired this blog post…

What is it that they can get away with certain in the movies but not in real life? Is it because movies are a form of escapism therefore must we suspend ourselves into disbelief and accept the onscreen flaws? Or am I taking this all too seriously and reading into the misé en scene a little too much… Anyway, these are a few of the things that bother me:
  • Why does no one lock their car? Or their home for that matter?
  • How the f*ck are they never jet-lagged?
  • When do they shower/bathe as they always seem to be in a rush.
  • What luggage allowance do they get?
  • If they’re always in a rush, how do they manage to look so ‘perfect’?
  • How do they build up their stamina?
  • When do they sleep?
  • Why does no one say bye – they just hang up? (This is one that really bugs me)
  • Why do they never adjust the seat and mirror when jumping into a new or stolen car, even if they have time?
  • When they arrange plans over the phone, how is it they both know exactly where to go?
  • Why do the baddies always know some niche form of martial art?
  • The amount of bullets that’s fired – why does no one reload?
  • Who is paying for these flights?
  • Why do they never seem to pay their taxi drivers – they just seem to hop out the car.
From looking at the list I’ve just made, I’m sure 87% of these points can apply to a lot of action movies today! What things in the movies bother you?
Char xo

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