​ Musings: Tees My Band

You know when you get an outfit idea stuck in your head from something you see on Instagram, maybe a blog or even someone on the tube? That’s how I’ve felt about band tees for the longest time…

 Band Tees
As much as I love clean cuts, minimal lines and neutral colours there is something about the worn in, distressed look that I am drawn to. I’d been on the hunt for the perfect band tee for a while and when I was at #BigBloggerExpo a few weeks ago I was drawn into the Shop Two Three stand and the ones they had displayed. I loved the artistically placed rips and holes as well as the prints.
I think what I love most about these tops are that they instantly make you look a little edgy, I guess ‘cool’ and give you that dressed-down glam however you choose to wear it.
Leather luxe
Ripped jeans
In my dream wardrobe I’d be pairing mine with: ripped jeans, leather skirt, got out of bed hair, ponytail, treggings, skinny suede jeans, heels, boots, trainers, leather jacket, fringe jacket, suede jacket, plaid shirt. Or I’d attempt to glam it up with a loose chignon, choker, cigarette pants and those ‘barely there’ heels for a masculine meets feminine take on the trend. Hopefully Kim K, Aunty Rihanna and cousin Kendall can provide some outfit inspiration for you…
897c6eef-d9a3-4a57-b472-fe26446060d3 c16e2e36-6958-49f5-8679-7c564ec12f20 f67b3adc-6ec6-4664-bc05-8071051518c9
Where to get them:
·         eBay/Amazon
·         The concert you’re at
·         Record stores (if these even exist anymore)
·         Cool parent/friend/sibling/ Significant other’s wardrobe
I’m useless at anything DIY but from watching a few YouTube tutorials and reading this handy guide, I’m ready to get out the grater, razor, scissors and bleach to make my perfect tee.
If all else fails and the band tee look doesn’t suit you or me, it’ll make the perfect pyjama top.
Char xo

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