Musings: I Care, Some Self Care Tips to Get You Through

This post isn’t about one of my favourite Beyoncé songs (which I still brings a tear to my eye this day) but more about some self-care tips which may just help you…

Sometimes I find the whole world of social media a little overwhelming, it can make you doubt yourself for not living a ‘certain way’ or having ‘certain things’. I used to get really bad FOMO but I think I’ve reached the stage and the age where I just don’t care anymore. Every now and then I like to just blackout from the world of Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat and have a little detox. You forget how life was before it became routine to check your phone every single waking second so it is important look up and inhale the world around you.
With all the sh*t going on in the world around us, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with what is going on. I am very selective about the way I consume news and try to read everything with an open mind as ‘the media’ can interpret situations in a wrong light. This leads me on to meditation, a tool I have implemented every now and then to deal with stress and anxiety. When you begin to realise that all the things and situations we are going through are relative, the stress will subside. But in the meantime, websites like Rainy Mood and Calm are fantastic for unwinding and finding your inner zen. Even taking a few minutes on your lunch break, when you wake up in the morning or just before you go to bed can make all the difference.
EAT. Food is fuel.
Feeling hot hot hot…
Sometimes I wonder how I function without two coffees a day but they really do get me through. I don’t know if it’s the warm feeling it gives me or the little premise of hope from the caffeine boost to get me through the day. I’m not an avid tea drinker but I do love the odd cuppa (mine has to have one sugar and look like an NC45 Mac concealer if you’re wondering). Having a hot drink on a cold winter’s day or if you’re in need of some ‘me’ time is a good way to practice self-care.
Coffee on window pane.
Image sourced from Unsplash.
SOLO Cinema
Going to see films solo on a Friday night has been my favourite self-care activity as of late. I am no longer bothered about purchasing a ticket for one because when you really break it down it is a solo activity, you are watching the film alone in darkness. Like I mentioned in my last post about self-care, sometimes doing things at the wrong time can feel so right. My former Friday nights were filled with booze and debauchery and as much as I don’t mind a drink, sometimes doing the same thing week in and week out because monotonous and BORING. Maybe it’s because I’m over the 25 mark now and I prefer to travel and see the world instead of a hangover every weekend.
SLEEP = Energy to conquer the world, go get that $£ and live life to your fullest.
Char xo
Please note – These images do note belong to me – they have been sourced from We Heart It for reference purposes only. 

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