Memoirs: LA & Vegas – A Photo Diary

As I write this post I’m currently jet-lagged, miserable and suffering from the post-holiday blues. It could be much worse, but here are a few photos from my trip to LA and Vegas… The detailed posts will be up over the next few weeks; that way I’ll be able to re-live it with you all!

img_2407 img_1965 img_2517 img_2158 img_2408


img_2432 img_2420 img_2521

img_2534 img_3049

img_2990 img_2659 img_2568


Char xo

Please note – all photos were taken by myself, on my iPhone 7 (The camera is fantastic by the way, everything else, not so much).

13 thoughts on “Memoirs: LA & Vegas – A Photo Diary

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