Musings: Love Your Selfie

I am guilty of taking way too many selfies. My defence is that in a world where there is so much negativity, we should celebrate ourselves. Here are a few of my tips to get you picture perfect

1) Buy Kim Kardashian’s book selfie book aptly titled ‘Selfish’.
Only joking, check out my tips below…
2) Get to know your face…
I have the darkest eye bags known to man so I layer on the concealer and this instantly gives me a confidence boost.
I recommend studying your face in the mirror and just getting to know the planes of your face and what side(s) you are comfortable being photographed from. I like the My Space emo kid high angle circa 2005 as it makes me look slimmer.
3) Do things that make you happy…
Love taking a sweaty post-gym selfie? Enjoy taking a makeup free selfie in bed? Why not, you never know who you will motivate. Most of all, do it for yourself.
4) Know your Lighting and Composition
The grid feature on the iPhone is a great way to line up your photos and get symmetry or asymmetry depending on what you’re after. Think about what’s in the background… did you flush the toilet? Is your room a mess? Think about how you want to come across to the world and yourself.
  • Lumee case – This case provides you with instant perfect lighting with it’s front forward LED lights. So goodbye to dodgy nightclub photos and hello ‘I’M HAVING A GREAT TIME IN THE CLUB’. It’s also great for Facetiming or when you’ve lost your keys in your handbag (this happens to me every single day).
  • Kitchens have great lighting so if your bedroom lighting isn’t working, pop down to the kitchen, make a snack and have a lil’ photoshoot.
  • Selfie stick – How could I not include the best invention of modern times. If you’re a frequent solo traveller like me, this means you don’t have to ask someone to take your photo and risk running off with your camera.
5) Filters are your friend…
  • FaceTune – The concealer only helps my eye bags so much… this baby right here makes me wonder what life would be like if I got a good night’s sleep.
  • Snapchat – The beauty filter is EVERYTHING.
  • Afterlight/VSCO – Both have great filters and editing tools.
  • Instagram – How could I forget the holy grail of Selfie apps? The Aden is great for an all year round glow if you can’t make it on holiday, you’ve run out of fake tan or are just looking a little ashy.
6) Confidence
Some may call the excessive selfie taking trend of today narcissistic but I just call it confidence.
In a world where we are constantly attacked for being too much or not enough of something, I believe selfies should be celebrated. If you’ve got the confidence to share your selfie with the world via Instagram or a potential love interest on a dating app, good on you.

June update: 
I came here to update this post because it is World Selfie Day on June 21st! I have shared some of my tips in a booklet and a selfie bag in collaboration with The Cotton Bag Co. I can’t describe how good quality these bags are and the stylish designs they come in. Not only that, each bag comes with a reflective insert, perfect for those outdoor selfies… You know you want to…
You can check out The Cotton Bag Co here and order your very own selfie bag here.

Char xo

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