​ Musings: A Vow To Save

I don’t know about you but I’m always stuck in the cycle of spending wisely, saving or just damn splurging?

I always say to myself ‘Char you need to save’, but then that little devil sits on my shoulder and is like ‘But you only live once‘. Here I am sitting having just booked another impromptu trip (Hello 🇫🇷 2017) as I need something to look forward to throughout these cold Winter months.


I used to be really good at saving and I admit to myself in the past couple years I’ve fallen off the wagon due to a few things happening in my life. I felt spurred on to live in the moment rather than plan ahead. Not that there’s anything wrong with living in the moment but I’m looking at things around me and I’m like ‘I want that for me’.

My vow for the end of this year and into 2017 is to save as much as I can. Not for any particular reason but for myself and my future.

Here are my vows to save:

1) Getting my four bags of clothes and shoes on eBay. One man’s trash is another’s treasure as they say… I vow to get at least five items up every week.

2) Shop my stash… I have so many products that need to be used and yet I always find myself in Superdrug just after payday buying yet another bottle of shampoo. I vow to explore my make up and toiletries and do an ‘Empties’ series every few months.

3) Stop impulse shopping. I vow to unsubscribe from every newsletter that leads me astray… if I don’t see it I won’t want it. 🙈🙉🙊


4) This ties in with the point above but I always try to use discount codes where possible and freebie websites. A great site I recommend using is Gratisfaction UK who scour through the web and pick out discount codes and freebies for the money savvy person. I vow to see how much I can save from using discount codes on things I need (not want).

5) Budgeting – make a list of all my outgoings and seeing what can be cut… I vow to rid myself of at least one outgoing by this time next year. I’m not sure if I’m ready to rid myself of Netflix just yet.

6) Needs vs Wants – These tie in with all the points I’ve made above. I vow to put my needs first (i.e food/shelter) and think about what I really want.


Are you saving for anything in particular? What tips would you recommend?

Char xo

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