Musings: Down the Rocky Rice Road 

I was kindly sent three boxes of Rocky Rice cake bars to try and I’m really impressed with them. Described as a ‘Puffed rice cake bar in dark chocolate’, they sounded like somewhat healthy drops of heaven and they tasted like it too.

I’m always nibbling away at rice cakes in a bid to change my snacking habits but they’re tasteless and only taste good when smothered in something. Not saying you need to have them covered in chocolate, but it’s a good alternative if you find yourself reaching for that 3pm chocolate bar all the time. Rocky Rice bars would be a great swap.

img_4240 img_4236

My favourite ones are the originals but the orange and strawberry variations if you fancy something different. I always find myself reaching for a snack mid-morning, afternoon or when I’m generally bored. These are not a replacement for fruit or vegetables but a great replacement for when you want something chocolatey but are trying to be good. Here are some reasons I think you should try them…

img_4246 img_4248

  • Light & Tasty
  • Flavour 😍❤️
  • Under 100 calories
  • Something to put in your bag
  • Great to put in your desk drawer
  • Days out for yourself or the kids

They’re not available in supermarkets just yet but you can find them on Virgin Trains and on their website here.

Char xo


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