Musings: Vibes over VIP

It’s a Friday night (approximately 22.27pm) in mid-November and I’m lying in bed writing this post and all I feel right now is content…

I’ve just devoured a number 5 from TFC with 6 hot wings because why not. Tonight got me thinking about the way I spend my time with others and myself as I get older.

I had a few drinks after work, got on the tube home with one of my dear friends and she mentioned this is the first weekend she’s had in ages where she is absolutely free. I shouldn’t mention to her that this is my third weekend in a row where I have nothing but personal admin to do (you know working out, eBay listing, my self care routine). But this really got me thinking about the way I used to live my life and how I live it now. It seems to have become:

Company over clubs…
Bars over brawls…
Vibes over VIP… 

The days when I used to go out 5-6 days in a row are long forgotten and how I actually had the stamina for this actually astounds me. Now, a night out generally puts me out for 2 days as the first day I’m trying to catch up on sleep and the second is catching up on sleep from the other two days.😩

What I’m really getting at is that perhaps growing up, going to parties, pubs and clubs was the THING. Wearing heels you couldn’t walk in, a dress you couldn’t breathe in, all to impress people that probably aren’t in your life now and drinks that have long since evaporated into clouds of student loan repayments.

*The irony is im too tired to finish this and I finished this off the next day…

You spend ages doing your make up, curling your hair, carefully choosing an outfit and making sure your control pants won’t slide down. Yes we’ve all been there. What’s it all for? I don’t know. It reminds of the post I wrote about every day being special, can every night out be too?

I hate leaving a club with my hair looking like Monica in Friends when the heat got too much and my make up resembling Joker. You spend all this time getting ready and you just end up in this state (well I do anyway).

But maybe I’m really tired of doing the same old things. I am tired of London and I will repeat to myself daily ‘This is not for me’. Nights out seem like such a chore when you’ve become accustomed to doing things a certain way. You add up the cost and you’re like …sh*t I could have gone to Italy for weekend. You know… new outfit, drinks, food, Uber home… probably losing something too. It all adds up, no matter how many drinks you buy before happy hour ends, reality hour sets in soon after.

Rihanna Unfaithful

I much prefer something low key, cheaper, chill and with good company. You know those ones where the conversation is going so well, alcohol only enhances your time together not hindering it. I love the vibes you get when it crosses your mind that you’d rather have good company over a sweaty club anyway.

But don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with going out clubbing. I do enjoy it every now and then but the real magic happens when you’re with the right people.

I can’t handle hangovers like I used to. I can’t be bothered to put on control pants. But if the music is right and the plans are last minute, I might just be up for it as long as the kebab shop is open on the way home.

I admit I’m not the person I was 4-5 years ago (thank GOD) and the only person I want to impress now is myself. From this blog, to bantering with my buddies – sometimes you just gotta go with it.

Maybe this post was inspired by the change in season or the fact that I’m still going through my quarter life crisis. But sometimes nights in are the best way to be, relaxing and recharging for all those future nights out to be?

Char xo

26 thoughts on “Musings: Vibes over VIP

  1. Yes, yes, YES! Couldn’t agree more. I’m so much keener for day drinking in a pub where I can actually hear my friends talk now at the weekend and being home in bed by 9pm! Such a great post! Jess xx

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  2. Omgoodness love this post, since becoming a mother and having a couple of years added onto myself. I totally prefer the chilled out nights than going out and only bringing home the expectation of a killer hang over. 🙂

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  3. I love how personable you are in this. The burger pic is making me so hungry & girl I really feel you about clubbing!
    Glad I found you and looking forward to reading more 🙂 xx

    Wunmi |

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