Musings: Why I Love Mornings

I have a freakishly weird routine where I wake up pretty much everyday between 5.37am and 6.30am. The only time this is disrupted is if I’m hungover or holiday, or both. Mornings are my favourite time of day, I’m not sure why in all honesty, but I read something somewhere that successful wake up early. I don’t know if I’m one of these successful types, I don’t hit the gym in the AM, nor do I get to work early but I do enjoy the following about this time of day…

The Silence 

No traffic, no beeping horns, no drunkards shouting past your window or throwing up. Perhaps this doesn’t apply totally to me as a Londoner, but the ‘silence’ is great for deep thinking about my life in general or the day ahead…


The Anticipation

You might have work, you might be spending the day in bed, you might even be going away (you lucky thing). But the anticipation I feel in the morning is enough for me to wake up every day and feel thankful for who I am and where I’m going.

The Solitude

This links in with the silence and the anticipation, but I find solace in my solitude, especially in the morning. It’s the one time of day, I am alone and I don’t feel conscious about it. Having time for yourself is important. Enjoy your solitude.

What is your favourite time of day? 

Char xo

22 thoughts on “Musings: Why I Love Mornings

  1. My favourite time of day is right before I fall asleep. It’s peaceful to be with my thoughts and reflect on my day and focus on what I want to do the next day. If I am lucky enough to be awake before 9am I enjoy that time too, it’s almost as if time is slower then I get so much done but with how my daily life works it hardly happens unless I need to get up!

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  2. I wish I could wake up that early! I love the mornings too but if I do wake up that early I’m really tired and worn down by about 10am so it’s really no good for me to wake up that early! My favourite time of the day is when I’m putting my self in bed, happy to get some shut eye! Great post lovely, Sarah xoxo


  3. Love this! I have experienced this once or twice but I’m mostly not a morning person at all! Wish I was because I totally agree with your description of the best bits:)
    Heather x


  4. ‪Really loved this post. Seeing as I’m up early and most defiantly am NOT a morning person I feel like this is a whole new positive perspective on the early morning life.


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