Musings: Stock that Stocking

As much as I’m not in the Christmas spirit this year (favoring food over gifts), I have compiled a few things that may help you save a few coins along the way. I have gathered together a range of freebie offers that total an impressive £41 in free kit. Present your family members with a little bonanza that looks way more expensive than it is! Or perhaps help someone in need at this time of year with a little hamper – I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated.


Christmas morning is always a happy time, but how much happier is it when the first sight that greets your eyes is a full stocking on at the foot of your bed? This grab-bag of treats and sentimental gifts really help to personalize the holiday for our family members.

Do we really want to give up this tradition so easily? Stockings might be small, but gathering all the necessary bits can put a strain on your wallet and your schedule. On average, filling up a stocking costs about £37. For a big family, that cost can add up quickly when you’re preparing multiple stockings. Personally, I wouldn’t dare give up the Christmas stocking tradition. That’s why I’ve made a study of cheaper ways to fill a stocking without disappointing any family members. In fact, I’ve gotten pretty good at producing a full complement of stockings without spending anything at all.


Spoil Your Relatives With Softer Skin: Free Aveeno Moisturiser

The holidays are the perfect time for self-indulgence, and that may be why nearly half of our stockings end up containing a luxury toiletry item or two. They’re not usually cheap, though, so economizing here can make a big difference. Check out Aveeno’s Facebook page for a shot at some free moisturiser that’s perfect for Christmas stockings.

Aveeno is a top-tier name in the skin care industry, and the premium quality of their products is universally acknowledged. With cold, dry winter weather treating your skin so harshly, a dab of high-quality moisturiser is sure to be appreciated on Christmas morning.

Chocolate Is Always Welcome: Free Lindt Chocolate Reindeer

We all love chocolate, and sweets are always a staple of the well-stuffed stocking. Over half of us like to include chocolate coins in the stockings we put together. While some of us might outgrow chocolate coins, most of us hang onto our sweet tooths well into adulthood. Spoil the grown-ups in your family with a free chocolate reindeer from Lindt… or yourself!  These treats are available for free if you get a referral link from a friend who’s using the Shopmium app.

Images sourced from Unsplash.
Images sourced from Unsplash.

Make It Easier To Stay In Touch: Free Phone Charger

Today our phones can do all sorts of wondrous tricks, but ever heard the phrase ‘smart phone dumb battery’… Kit out your relatives with a little added talk time by tucking a phone charger in their stockings. They’ll be the gift that keeps on giving all year round as I swear by them for every day and when travelling.

Just sign up with TopCashback in order to get a stylish, functional pebble phone charger for free. It’s a gift that’s both useful and attractive – not bad at all for a zero-price stocking stuffer! TopCashback is a pretty good site to join in any case; it was recently rated “best cash back site” by the The Sunday Times.

Prepare For Delicious Recipes: Free Jar of Nutella

As noted above, kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy a sweet treat on Christmas morning. That’s probably why 48 percent of our stockings include confectionery of some sort while less than 25 percent include a healthy clementine. Join Shopmium yourself and you’ll get a free jar of tasty, rich Nutella.


Apply for these freebies now to get your goodies before the offers fly away like Santa on Boxing Day. Best of luck with your Christmas stockings!


Char xo

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