Musings: Trips in Love ❤️️✈️️

I may be single like a dollar bill but that doesn’t mean I’ve totally forgotten what romance is (well maybe just a little). Whenever I go abroad I always imagine what it’d be like to go as a two… even though I’m flying solo for the moment, here are my thoughts on a few…



I’ve been to Vegas twice in the past 18 months and it was only on my second trip I realised how romantic it could be. Some say it’s the place relationships are ruined… you know with all the strip clubs, alcohol and 24/7 gambling. I reckon if you came here with a partner it’d only make your relationship stronger, from all the wedding chapels, to fine dining restaurants and the heavenly views of the strip, Vegas is a place like no other. My favourite spots for those emoji heart eye inducing moments are St Christopher’s Square at The Venetian, the fairground at Circus Circus and pretty much all of the Paris hotel.

IMG_0668 IMG_0669


The closest I have got to Venice is staying at the very impressive Venetian hotel in Las Vegas. As beautiful as it was, I was all too aware that Venice had been brought to me on a plate. Famed as a romantic destination, I reckon Venice is somewhere I’d like to travel with a future bae, take a gondola ride, sample the food and explore the spiralling alleys hand in hand. *cue the violins*

Image sourced from Unsplash.
Image sourced from Unsplash


Image sourced from Unsplash

Texas is home to Beyoncé, BBQs and they do say everything is bigger. Although I’ve never been, I can only imagine how fun and romantic Texas would be for couples. You can learn to line dance, live out that cowboy fantasy all whilst taking in in the rugged beauty of the deep South.

Image sourced from Unsplash

Who doesn’t love a bit of Southern hospitality? Yes Ma’am. If you need some more Texan inspiration, take a look here.

I can name a fair few destinations for romance but these are the ones that spring to mind for now. If you’re single like me or coupled up – I hope this gives you a little inspiration and they make you go WOW.

Char xo


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