Memoirs: Vegas – Part 1

LAX is a pretty dusty airport considering it is in the City of Angels (you’d think the celebs and tourism would make a difference). But as soon as you walk into the airport the check in desks are there and are good to go through to security. We were flying with Delta (A Virgin partner airline) and the check in process was smooth and easy. I had originally put my boarding cards on my phone but the lovely lady printed them out for us in the instance our iPhone batteries ran out.


Once we were in the gate area, we grabbed some food, chilled for a moment before it was time to board. I hadn’t done an internal flight in the US for about 10-15 years (that makes me feel so OLD) and I forgot how tiny the planes were. If I closed my eyes for long enough I’d be on my own private jet but unfortunately we experienced a little turbulence from flying over the mountains into Vegas. However, it was the quickest flight I’d been on apart from London to Paris, and as we took our descent into the City of Sin, I peered out the window and the infamous Strip came into view.
I wondered how long it’d take to get through, grab our luggage and go through passport control (which can sometimes take forever). However, we didn’t have to go through it at all as I remembered it was an internal flight, you just had to grab your bags and go. When originally planning this trip we were going to do the drive from LA to Vegas and looking back I’m glad we didn’t. We were short on time as it was as well as the general tiredness from trying to stay awake all day and night as well as adjusting to another timezone.
I’d been to Vegas in the summer of 2015 and if it’s one thing I didn’t want to remember was the heat. It’s giving me a tan just thinking about it. As soon as we stepped out of McCarran international airport, we were greeted with some heat ( Around 20C) but it had a cool breeze to it – perfect if you ask me. We queued up for a taxi, headed to our hotel and before you judge me, yes we stayed at The Trump… but a hotel is a hotel right?
I’d done a little more research before visiting Vegas this time and apparently…
‘If you slip the guy at check-in a $20 dollar bill, he may just upgrade your room.’
Okay it’s not the penthouse or doesn’t come with a butler but it was probably triple the size of our original room we’d paid and my house in London too. The view of the Strip was magical and even though we weren’t right in the middle of the action, it felt as though we had our own little hideaway. If you’re looking to stay at The Trump hotel, I would recommend it if you want a little quiet retreat, it has a no smoking policy, there is no casino and it is slightly off the main Strip. It’s right opposite Fashion Show Mall if you wanna shop to you drop though and the Wynn and Encore hotel is barely a 5 minute walk if you want to try a new buffet.
I’m going to end this blog here as if I’m honest, the tiredness crept in and not much else happened that night – I don’t even remember if I ate?
Char xo

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