Musings: Style Icon – J.Lo

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got… I’m still Char from the block… By block I mean cheese and by rocks I mean cubic zirconia.

Ignore my mindless rambling and let us focus on all that is Jennifer Lopez. She is an actress, singer, dancer, businesswoman, mother, Drake’s lover and I think she has found the answer to eternal youth. My earliest memory of J.Lo was in that terrible but brilliant 90s movie Anaconda, not the Nicki Minaj song, but the movie with the giant snakes and Ice Cube. Little did I know she’d be one of my style icons, favourite singers and all round celebrity faves in this day and age.

Whilst some may not call her an amazing vocalist or Oscar award-winning actress – you can’t deny that J.Lo is a fashion icon in her own right…
That blonde hair…
From what I can recall, Ms Lopez has rarely changed her hair colour, instead sticking to her honey blonde hue that has remained her signature colour. If you look at photos of her from the early days, you’ll see her natural brown locks, but there is something about her legally blonde locks that has suited her well for the past 20 years…

Slaying the red carpet…
I vowed to stop using the word slay in 2017, but I had to use it one more time. Remember the infamous Versace dress? J.Lo did that… and I’m sure Diddy can never forget.

Jenny from the Block…
They say you can take a girl out of the Bronx, and you can’t take those hoop earrings off her either. If I even TRIED to wear hoop earrings these days I’d be looking more like Bianca Butcher. Somehow J.Lo manages to be one of the few people who can pull off hoops in 2017… And you know what they say about hoops, the bigger the hoop, the bigger the…

All I Have in Winter…
Whilst I am not an advocate of wearing real fur, it doesn’t mean I cannot appreciate J.Lo’s winter style. For me this is where she looks best, in a great pair of fitted jeans, a fur stole (let’s for argument’s sake say its fake), sunglasses and her glossy locks.

I think what I love most about J.Lo’s style is that she knows what fits her, what colours compliment her and she’s stuck with it. In my eyes she rarely makes a fashion mistake, I look forward to seeing her on E’s Fashion Police red carpet reviews for years to come. Hopefully I’ll be seeing her in Vegas sometime soon because My Love Don’t Cost a Thing and she’s been Doin It Well for some time now…

Do you like J.Lo’s style? If not – who do you look up to, or what inspires you?
Char xo

Featured image sourced from J.Lo’s droolworthy Instagram @jlo

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