Musings: Mariah & Char’s Workout Playlist

Get Right for Summer Workout Playlist …with Mariah & Char

So, it’s almost the end of January, we’ve all been bombarded with advertising  campaigns telling us to detox, diet, and try a new fitness fad….

But let’s be real, the key to getting healthier and in tow fitter is working out and watching what you eat. 

No tea is going to make your stomach flat without laxative effects, no juice is good enough for you to drink for the rest of your life and no shake is gonna shake the weight off. If you really wanted to make a change, do you need the guise of a new year to do it? 

It all comes from you, your mindset and finding that motivation. What Mariah and I find works for us is… music. Here is our ‘Get Right for Summer Workout Playlist’… 


Kanye West – Workout Plan

Char: How could I even write this post without including Mr West’s workout jam from 2004?

Mariah: This is one of the reasons why we’re friends!

Britney – Work B!tch

Char: You want a hot body… you better WORK BITCH. Nothing easy is worth having as they say…

Madonna – Hung Up

Char: I’m hung up on the thought of being healthy and fit. 

Kanye West – Fade

Char: Yet another Kanye track (I have a love/hate relationship with him), but HOW amazing does Teyana Taylor look in this video? 

Rihanna – Work

Char: My song of 2016 because that’s all I did.

YOU NAME IT Challenge song 

Char: Because the beat is LIT and the lyrics describe our favourite food… 

Image sourced from Unsplash.
Image sourced from Unsplash.

Chris Brown – YeahX3

Mariah: Now I’m not the biggest Breezy fan at all but try skipping this for the whole song and see if you’re alive.

Nicki Minaj – Anaconda

Mariah: I have to listen to this whilst doing weighted squats. Everytime I listen I find a different lyric funny which gets me through the butt burn!

Don Broco – Priorities

Mariah: I love rock music and I’m always going to shows. This song is great as it has the perfect tempo to run to.

Char: The only run I’m doing is away from my problems.

Kanye West – Monster

Mariah: Another song from Yeezus?! This is another great running track. Try rapping Nicki’s bit while you run… KILLAAAA!

Char: Nicki’s verse on Monster is the highlight of her career. SHADE THROWN.


The Weeknd – Starboy

Mariah:  Perfect cool down tune.

What are your favourite workout songs? If music doesn’t work for you, what does? 

Mariah & Char xo 


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