Musings: Dear Music… Thank You

Dear Music,

You have  always been one of my favourite forms of escape. From plugging myself in on the commute to work or to letting loose at a festival, you, Music, have always been there for me. You can can be a healer, a soother and a place of solace all at the same time. Could you imagine a world without it?

It would be a truly scary place. From the buskers you see in a crowded town centre to the postman whistling a tune as he delivers your late parcel – you cannot deny that music unites us all in some way. The sad thing is that not everyone can hear it, which is such a shame but hopefully advances in technology can make this possible one day.

Image sourced from Unsplash.
Image sourced from Unsplash.

My music taste is relatively broad, somewhat tacky, but no matter what I listen to, I am so thankful for it. From the powerful movie scores by Hans Zimmer and Alan Menken, to Vybz Kartel forever reminding me of my Caribbean heritage, beats, rhythms and lyrics give me something that visuals don’t.

Thank you Music.

Char xo