Musings: Some More Travel Tips

I often get asked where I find my cheap deals and simple answer was to write a blog post. I’ve covered some of my travel tips in this post before but I’ve been on about 10 trips or so since then and I like to think I’ve excelled a little more as a traveller…


I’m actually pretty impressed with this photo I took in Vegas…

Not fussed on your destination? Try the ‘Everywhere’ option and open up your mind to pastures new. Skyscanner is also great for comparing flight costs, durations and airports. I’ve always use SkyScanner as a basis for any holiday just to make sure it’s actually worth it in my eyes!
Print off your documents
Leave one in your suitcase and have one in your hand luggage AND a copy on your phone as well as the person you’re travelling with (If you’re not going solo). Thank me later.
Don’t buy mini products
Instead decant products into smaller bottles you probably have lying around the house. Also, order free samples to take with you instead of buying them! Check out for a daily dose of discount codes, freebies and much more. This will give you a little more money for that overpriced airport cocktail!
Holiday Pirates
I absolutely LOVE browsing through the Holiday Pirates website on a daily basis as they have some amazing deals. I remember finding £5 return flights to some European destinations which really puts travel into perspective. A daily travelcard in London costs more…
Hotel Roosevelt
Be open
It is of course going to be more expensive to go away on a weekend, so why not try going on a Sunday or Monday for a European city-break. In off-peak season places are often quieter, giving you free reign and short queues. I recently went to Paris and exploring when it was quieter was much more pleasant.
I’ve probably covered more tips in my blog posts over the past couple of years so why not take a look through my travel section
Happy Wanderlusting and if you have any tips you’d like me to add, feel free to comment below!
Char xo

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