Musings: Style Icon – Kim KW

Kim KW. Best dressed. Worst dressed. Somehow she is the only human on the planet who can put up with Kanye West.

In the midst of my style icon blog series, I had to take a step back and think about whose style I really admire. Suddenly I found myself scrolling through ‘Screenshots’ album on my iPhone and guess who made a frequent appearance… Kim Kardashian. I’m still not sure why she is famous to this day, but there is no denying she is one of the most talked about women in fashion in the past few years. Even if you dislike her, you’ve clicked on the post bwahaha so there must be some kind of curiosity there.
Anyway, back to Kim’s style – where do we begin? From her make up, to her hair, accessories, use of colour (or lack of in recent years – Thanks Kanye) Kim is a trendsetter whether we like to admit or not.

I love her red carpet looks, her street style and those risqué fashion week moments. I’ve created a few boards below of my favourite Kim moments as well as one for her make up… I’m surprised she didn’t name North ‘Kontour Kardashian’ instead.

Not one to do understated glam, Kim’s style on the red carpet is glam, glitz and plenty of diamonds. One of my favourite looks is the from the Met Ball (not that floral mess though)…

For me, Kim is ‘hair goals’. Yes the phrase goals is overused but I’ve always used her as my hairspiration when I style my hair… Maybe not the platinum blonde phase though.



I love this element of Kim’s style, the true definition of EXTRA. From full face glam and heels to getting those pap shots every time, she embodies the modern celebrity.

Pre-Kanye Kim fashion was everything and more. Kim was at her best around 2011/12. Remember the days she’d wear those ridiculously high Loubs and Herve Leger dresses?

Even though contouring has been around for decades, it’s hard to mention it nowadays without Kim Kardashian popping up. Whilst I can’t be bothered to map out my face and blend I do respect those who do. Props to Kim’s make up artist Mario for creating some stunning looks over the years.

There have been a fair few fashion faux pas over the years (I blame Kanye), but nothing hurt my eyes more than the clear heels she wore when pregnant with North. Steamed chicken anyone?

What do you think of Kim’s style – love or loathe?

Char xo

Please note – The featured image have been sourced from Kim’s Instagram page.


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