Musings: A Few Apps To Guide You Through Life

Being productive is one of the best traits you can have, but knowing how to utilise your time effectively and efficiently is a great skill in itself. Whether you want to learn a new language, make the most of your workout, get a heads up in your career or simply travel better.

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Here are a few apps to make you become a little more successful and pick up some some skills along the way…



Lost on your way to an interview? Lost in a European city? Or just plain lost

Citymapper is one of the most user-friendly and intuitive travel apps around. It’s more than just getting from A to B, this handy app gives you options according to how you want to travel whether it be by bus, train, bicycle, walking or jetpack…

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The handy receipts feature is a way to make you feel a little better about yourself, at it lets your know how many calories you burned or how many trees you saved from choosing more environmentally friendly modes of transport.



To put it simply, Wunderlist helps you plan anything and everything.

Getting that squad holiday booked or that ever mounting to-do list at work is made much simpler with Wunderlist. It allows you to set reminders and due dates making you much more organised! Now you have to do it…


Do you struggle to remember birthdays, or perhaps you and your partner’s anniversary? If you’re single you might be counting down the days until your group holiday. Perhaps you forget when payday is too… Countdown+ is one of the handiest apps around, much like Wunderlist, but works in a way that ‘counts down’ to any important events or anything you simply need reminding of that is coming up. Never forget your anniversary again!

Image sourced from Unsplash.
Image sourced from Unsplash.



Duolingo is the easiest and most friendly app around for approaching a new language. Best of all it’s 100% free, there are a whole range of languages available and makes learning fun. Will you be saying more than Bonjour madame when trying to navigate your round Paris with Citymapper? Next time… 

Health and Well-being


To put it simply, MyFitnessPal is a tool to help you get on a track to a healthier life. From tracking your workouts to what you eat, it is simply and easy to use and helps you determine what your daily intake should be. Before using, please do consult a doctor if you are unsure or have any specific health concerns because I’m just a blogger, not a doctor! 

Coffee on window pane.
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Headspace is an app that provides guided meditation and mindfulness training. Simply spending 10 minutes on meditation per day could be the cure to a less stressed and much better you. I have a series on self-care which you may want to check out too. See here and here.

Social media…?

Whilst some may not agree that social media is the key to being productive, these apps definitely come in handy when you know how to use them correctly. Just avoid clicking on those cat videos…


Need a 5 minute make up tutorial? Life advice? Exercise? Wanna follow a path to minimalism? YouTube is one of the best places to increase your productivity. There are SO many amazing vloggers and channels out there who are sharing their lives, tips and tricks for free.


Need a new job? Trying to make it big as a blogger?

Using specific hashtags or following people in a certain field/industry could be the key to a more productive you. Twitter is fantastic for online networking, building a relationship and making people aware that you are YOU.

App-arently these apps may help… 

Char xo

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  • This post will also appear on Plus Minus Magazine. Do check them out as I write for them too! 
  • Featured image sourced from Unsplash.

21 thoughts on “Musings: A Few Apps To Guide You Through Life

  1. Great helpful post – I need countdown for sure, I forget birthdays and events so easily! MyFitnessPal is great, I have that. I also have Duolingo, my boyfriend’s family only speaks Spanish so i try to use that to teach myself!

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