Musings: Bidvine

Bidvine is a  local services tech startup, connecting customers with the right service providers all over the UK.

Have you ever wanted a personal trainer come to you for once? Or perhaps you finally want to take up those piano lessons for that grand piano that is getting a little too dusty in the living room.
This is where Bidvine comes in. In essence, it’s a place where you can offer your services or bid for them, hence the name. Perhaps you’re a former yoga instructor looking to go freelance but struggling to build up clientele, Bidvine can help!
It works by telling them exactly what you need, getting bids and choosing a pro, hiring and expecting a great service. You’d then review their services to help other people choose a pro. Sounds pretty easy if you ask me.
Image provided by Bidvine

I already have a personal trainer, but there is no harm in seeing what competition is out there (I really hope he doesn’t read this). Perhaps I need one of those ex-military types to force me outside at 6am and slap the bacon sarnie out of my hand. Using Bidvine, I was able to choose the type of personal trainer I wanted.
For example, I could decided between group or private sessions, what my goals were, where I would like to train, how many sessions I’d like a week and so on. These questions were really helpful as it made me think exactly what I wanted out of the service I was asking for. This would mean I would find some for my specific needs, therefore a better match!
Image sourced from Unsplash
A few examples of the services available on Bidvine are:
  • Fitness and Wellness: personal training, yoga, nutritionist
  • Learning: Piano, Guitar, and Spanish lessons
  • Photography: portrait photography, headshot photography, family photography, wedding photography
  • Home: interior painting, handyman help, man with a van and more
Image provided by Bidvine
From just looking at that list, it’s made me think about getting some portrait photos taken, because not everything needs to be taken on an iPhone. I again was able to decipher what photographer I wanted, where I’d like to be shot (no I don’t want to be injured), what style of photography to what format I’d like my final images. Going through this process is somewhat exciting as again it makes you think of the end result in mind, so therefore tailoring the bid to suit your needs.
I would definitely recommend the Bidvine site to anyone and everyone. If you’re not sure what you want, it’s a great way to weed out what you do want from a series of questions. Alternatively, if you know what you want, it’s a great way to match you with the exact service provider you need. I don’t know if I’ll be wanting that ex-military personal trainer anytime soon.
Sourced from Giphy
Not only that, the website is easy to use, works well on a mobile and covers the whole of the UK. There are some great sources of inspiration on their articles page here. I’ve even found some wedding venue inspiration in Wales for future reference…

Don’t forget to give Bidvine a follow on Twitter here and of course check out their website here.

Char xo


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