Memoirs: The Travel Menu

Over the past couple of years I’ve somehow managed to go to: Barcelona, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Paris, Tunisia, Dubai, Las Vegas, Rome, Brighton (LOL), New York, Milan, Majorca, LA, Las Vegas again, Paris again, Cape Verde and Paris again.

I can safely say I feel more at home on a plane than I do in London; the whole beauty of travelling anyway is getting away from your current surroundings and exploring what this world has to offer.
I never wanna be that person who sits around and thinks about ‘What if?’ because these things haunt us later in life. Life is about making memories…
Anyway, this very short post was just to say all my travel related posts can be found in the ‘Travel’ menu of my blog. I hope it makes it easier for you!
What is on your travel menu this year?
Char xo

15 thoughts on “Memoirs: The Travel Menu

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