Musings: 5 Things To Do in London*

London eye

Visiting London is a brilliant experience for people of any age. There is always so much to do, and such an eclectic mix of things to choose from, that you are forever spoiled for choice. Relatively speaking, London itself is quite small; the city of London is only 3km squared, although the districts joined up together span over 1,500km. The history of this city spans all over, but you don’t have to move far from the centre to get a good dose of culture.


The more gruesome the facts you’ll have to learn, the more likely you are to remember them. We all have a morbid curiosity lurking deep inside of us, and there is nothing more so that can bring it out of us when in London than the Jack The Ripper Tour. Nobody is still quite certain about who this notorious murderer is, but the guesses range from a certain member of royalty to a bunch of different people who have been grouped together. Explore the homicidal paths of this Victorian criminal – it’s too interesting not to…

The great thing about London is that there is always entertainment happening – from theatre shows to street performers, the chance to see something going on is in abundance. The Piano Works in Farringdon offers you the chance to sing along to a great live band at any time of the day or night. They offer a brunch deal with bottomless prosecco/bloody marys (who can say no?) to really get you set for the day – plus it’s central enough to move on to other things easily when you’re done.


The food on offer in London is as varied as it is delicious. If you can’t decide on where to go to eat, there are often food markets popping up all over the city – check out what’s happening in Camden, Southbank and Brixton for some authentic dishes from all over the world. I’ve compiled my London foodie list here if you’re looking for somewhere new to eat

This was actually taken in Bubba Gump on Santa Monica Pier… but food is food right?


Forget the tube.

If you want to see what London is really all about, it’s time to hop aboard a famous red double-decker bus. Securing a seat at the front on the top deck is something that takes a certain amount of skill in some cases, and pure luck in others. The best times to do venture out on a bus is after the morning rush hour and before the evening one, so anytime between 10am and 4pm.  It offers you the chance to see just how close everything in London actually is to each other. But if you’re ever wondering what the tube is like… be my guest… you’ve been warned. 

If you download the CityMapper app (My personal fave) onto your phone, you can see just which buses will get you to your location and at what time they’ll be arriving – you won’t be waiting long at all, a couple of minutes at the most. The best thing about this is that there is a cap to the amount that you will spend on travel, so this is probably the cheapest, quickest and most convenient way for you to sightsee! I’ve written about my favourite travel apps here if you need a little more guidance. The world is your Oystercard after all in London… 

Walk Around

A slight contradiction to getting on a bus, there is a lot to see that public transport won’t be able to get you. Being able to walk through the side streets of London offers the chance to get a glimpse at architecture, both new and old, offering the ability to see just how much London has both progressed and managed to retain its character.

As much as I’m alway wanting to escape London (hence me being a travel blogger ha), there is something about this city that I will always find home in. 

Char xo


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