Musings: The Travel Edit

This is somewhat a wish list/favourites post but I’d thought I’d share a few things I’m coveting this year and a couple of things I cannot bear to travel without.

Monogrammed Passport Cover and Travel wallet…
As much as I’d love the Louis V passport cover I dreamt about in this post, this one from LRM Goods is so much more affordable. I came across this brand at last year’s Stylist Live event and fell in love. They provide you with personalisation without the bespoke price tag and all their products all from recycled leather. Now… what initials do I put on mine?
One can only dream of this…
Nail Varnish
‘Big Apple Red’ by OPI is my favourite all year round bright polish and suits a winter getaway or a summer holiday by the pool. Not only that,it’s flattering for all skin tones, think Mac ‘Ruby Woo’ for your nails. If you’re wanting the real Big Apple though, check out my NYC Diaries…
Dr Paw Paw
I was introduced to this product at a blogger event last year and it’s since been a staple in my hand luggage and handbag. I’ve used it to soothe mosquito bites in Cape Verde, tame my fly-aways, moisturise my lips and as a back-up for hand cream. It’s super affordable, really is a wonder product and worth stocking up on. I should also mention that it comes in a range of tints too, especially if you want to add a bit of colour to your lips and cheeks.

Take me back…
Natural World Shampoo
I was again introduced to this product at a blogger event and I am in love with their oils and shampoos. I have particularly dry hair and when I’m in a hot country this gets worse. I’ve reviewed their products here in much more depth, but if your hair is in need of some TLC, check out their cabin luggage friendly products here. I really want to try their charcoal and mint range this year as I hear it is really good for cleansing the scalp! 
Beverly Hills Formula
This is a brand I’ve been familiar with for years but only started using their products again last year after attending Bloggers Festival. It was around the time I had my teeth whitened so I needed something that would maintain them.
I absolutely love their ‘Perfect White Black’ range which contains activated charcoal. Weirdly enough, the toothpaste and mouthwash is black and I was a little apprehensive at first but this is potentially the best toothpaste I’ve ever used. It’s cleansing without being too abrasive and I have really noticed a difference in the brightness of my teeth.
Of course, you need something to carry it all in!
I absolutely love the simplicity of Niche Lane bags and they have a timeless essence that will see you through plenty of trips to come. Not only that, all of their designs are handcrafted with fine leather, are androgynous and are particularly for us modern commuters.
My absolute favourite is the ‘Pioneer’ style with the contrasting handle or the ‘Aviator’ which would see me through lots of weekend getaways. This would be such a lovely treat for yourself, a friend or even a parent and you’ll have enough change to book some cheap RyanAir fights too. You can get 10% off with my code: CHARLOTTE10

What travel accessories are you coveting this year? Do you have any travel favourites?

Char xo

Please note, some of these products were sent for my review but all opinions are my own. 

18 thoughts on “Musings: The Travel Edit

  1. Really fun list! I love your nails! Big Apple Red is such a classic. Right now I’m loving the color Enterprise from MAC’s Star Trek collection. And in my travel bag, I always carry Shiseido Anessa sunscreen!

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  2. Love the bag, looks lush. My husband loves it very much as well! I can’t imagine travelling without my bose headphones and my lip balm. I need them in my life. Of course, if you add the laptop, the camera, the makeup haha, it becomes more complicated. Hehe

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  3. hmmm never every heard of Dr. Paw Paw that’s actually really convenient because you don’t have to be lugging around different products, it’s like an all in one!


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