Musings: American Icons*

It’s not every day that you see something so amazingly beautiful that it leaves your jaw on the floor. America has many iconic landmarks of natural wonders that are worth the long haul flights from London alone. Even if you’ve seen them before, a new day brings a new light, a new angle, and new experiences to behold. So get out there and see the natural world in a way you’ve never dreamed. Going to the US can be done on a budget these days, so be sure to check out my Travel Menu for tips…

My all time favourite is the Grand Canyon. One visit is never enough (even though I’ve been once, I’m planning on going this September). It is simply too vast to take it in completely in a day and frankly I need to get over my fear of looking down… You can explore the surface of the canyon walls in places with supervised climbs. Or you might prefer the excitement of a high-speed helicopter ride to get that bird’s eye view? Walk the canyon floor paths, or simply stand back in the desert and admire the view from afar. 


The Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone Park is another natural phenomenon I hear you simply have to experience. Sure, there might be some great YouTube footage and some stunning photography but there is nothing like being there. I suppose that’s the beauty of discovering travel blogs, vlogs and books; even if you can’t be there, they make you feel like you can.

Maybe your favourite novel has a great descriptive chapter? I imagine when you’re there, you can sense the geyser’s activity beginning. You can feel the rush from the eruption. Your feet, your skin, and your heartbeat need to sense the thrill of being there! Like the rush you get from booking that trip to lands far away…

Central Park in New York may be landscaped by man, but it still hits the list of top natural wonders. Don’t rely on photos in the fall to inform you of the beauty of the red leaves. The movies don’t do the floral displays the justice they deserve. The atmosphere here is a world away from any of the busy roads that surround the park. It simply lifts your mood. It’s big enough to give you a complete break when you need it. Most importantly, it’s cared for by man to make sure it is a wonderful, natural environment for everyone to enjoy. Remember my hungover Central Park fun?

I Keep on Falling...

Niagara Falls is situated on the Canadian border. The sounds of the water rushing can be heard from either side! There are plenty of ways you can experience the power of the falls. Take a boat (and a rain hat), or enjoy a supervised climbing tour behind the water and into the caves. When you’re looking for information on your visa for America, it might be worth checking you can also travel into Canada.

The Keys…

Fans of the water won’t be disappointed down in the Florida Keys. There is plenty of wildlife to see in and out of the water. Snorkelers can enjoy a number of natural sites as well as wrecks of boats that nature has claimed. You can make the most of the water by hiring a boat for accommodation as well as for exploring. This area is also famed for some interesting fish dishes!

Never eating at iHOP again…

Any holiday in the US should include at least a day checking out some of the most incredible natural icons this continent has to offer. Each of them offers a wide range of activities to make the most of the views too.

Don’t forget your camera to capture those memories (even though I said I was going to take less photos this year, some things just have to be captured). 


Char xo

Please note, this is a collaborative post.



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