Memoirs: Hey, It’s OK – Don’t Feel The Pressure

This post was inspired by Glamour Magazine’s regular featured called Hey, It’s OK where they post anecdotes that reassure you that it’s okay to do things a certain way.

Taking that cliche travel photo…

Hey, It’s OK to not care about your image sometimes.
No one is forcing that Gucci bag down your throat, a bag is just a bag and memories are more important. So don’t feel like you need to have what’s on trend to fit in. Trends fade but memories don’t. Invest in you and your experiences instead. For everything else, there is Primark

Hey, It’s OK to still be young, dumb and living with mum.
House prices in London are a joke, so save your coins as long as you can, don’t wait for no man, get out and see the world because you don’t have to follow that ‘plan’.

Do you ever wanna go back in time and finish a meal?

Hey, It’s OK to not know if you want kids.
This world is overpopulated, kids are expensive and who says your life is complete if you have them? I’m not gonna lie I have my cat/baby names picked out but the idea of me looking after a little human scares me. They’d probably be on a diet of chicken wings and Henny, so maybe I’ll pass for now.

Hey, It’s OK not to like Christmas or your Birthday.
I have blogged about my reasons here and here. But never feel like you HAVE to like either day. Have your cake and eat it, literally.

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Hey, It’s OK to spend your weekends chilling out.
You work all week and the weekends are YOU time. Don’t wanna go to those birthday drinks with that ‘friend’ you barely remember from uni; don’t go. If you wanna stay in bed working on your blog, Netflixing, having sleep for dinner and saving money, do it.

What are a few of your Hey, It’s OK moments?

Char xo

Please note, some of the images in this post were sourced from Unsplash. 


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