Musings: Hot Reasons to Travel Often*

Summer is on its way (apparently), and it’s brought back some mind musings about all the hot places I’ve been to and all the ones I’ve yet to see. Heat is something we Brits want, but when we have it we still tend to moan about it! Still, there are plenty of hot places around our little planet. Which could make a wonderful holiday destination for you (just in case the sun doesn’t come at home?)



It’s so easy to forget that you’re really in the middle of a desert when you’re playing the tables in Vegas. The hotels are all so well air-conditioned. Even outside, there is plenty of shade so things don’t get nearly as hot as you would expect. At night, the warmth from the complexes and buildings stops you from feeling that desert chill as well! Of course, if you want more than just the slots, most of the hotels have amazing landscaping and gorgeous pools for you to enjoy the heat and cool off with a dip.

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Africa really is as hot as they say. The heat can be quite comfortable though, depending on where you are. A good breeze and the right humidity make it OK. Most people head to areas of Africa like the Serengeti to get closer to the wildlife. This puts you out in the open in a vehicle that probably doesn’t have air conditioning. That’s when the heat can get somewhat uncomfortable. Pack a couple of glass drinking bottles so you can stay safe if you end up having to wait for some passing predators!





Most of us tend to stay in the gigantic hotel and mall complexes when we’re holidaying in Dubai. Outside, it is hot, and that sun can burn you really quickly. Of course, chances are you’re very well covered to protect you from the sun’s rays anyway.

Brunch, Dubai
I miss this club sandwich!

Sunset, Dubai

Privacy is very important here, so make sure your accommodation is not overlooked if you want to make the most of the sun or any pools. Dubai is the world capital of shopping, so maybe you’re not here for the heat?




When you catch the weather at the perfect time of year, chances are you’re in for a perfect holiday here! The sea and the sand are just from the brochures, and the whole place has that relaxed, easy-going feel you need when it’s hot, hot, hot. Take your time, lounge around, and enjoy the huge number of spa resorts that offer everything you’d want when the sun is blazing. Some of my favourite activities were definitely out on the water where the sea breeze provides all the refreshment you need.

Whenever you’re in a hotter-than-home place, it’s really important to pay attention to your body. You can become dehydrated much quicker. And alcohol can hit you much harder when it’s hot! Sunscreen is a must, although sometimes sunblock is the safest option. The pool will always be the best place to cool down. Grab your hat and your cocktails and enjoy the heat!


Char xo

Please note, this is a collaborative post.

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