Musings: I Don’t Care… My Drunken Thoughts on Blogging in 2017

There is this image of a ‘blogger’ in society these days that is blonde, slim, has aesthetically perfect hair and is probably sunning it up it in some foreign destination without a care. Whilst this is attainable for some, it emphasises how much I don’t care about that ‘image’ of what society perceives perfection to be.

I just don’t care enough.
I don’t care about having an Instagram theme or taking outfit pictures outside houses I don’t live in to appease to this ‘image’.
I’m not saying it’s all bloggers’ but it seems to be the majority.
Sourced from Giphy.
Am I a blogger? Am I just a person with a website?
I even wonder if I consider myself a blogger.
Google says:
a person who regularly writes material for a blog.”food bloggers post a recipe on a particular theme”
I have always considered myself a writer.
What are titles anyway? Blogger/Writer/Influencer/Content creator… All these terms are interchangeable. But I guess they do matter so some extent. You are in control of the content you put out there…
Some elements of the bloggersphere have become a strange place of trying to fit in a ‘certain mould’ against a constant narrative of everyone telling you to be yourself. Why strive for this image of perfection when it doesn’t exist?
I have worked in the industry and am now part of it as a hobby. Where are people who look like me? Where is the recognition and the inclusion? I don’t know. This is a whole other issue in itself. This is why I do what I do because I don’t see people like me. Thankfully there are some AMAZING platforms out there like TravelNoire, InnclusiveFBL and Bloggers of Colour.
What I’m really getting at is that I feel like so many bloggers focus on trying to fit a certain aesthetic and don’t focus enough on being themselves. I scroll through my timeline on Twitter literally wondering where the love for blogging/writing/photography etc has gone. So many worry about there not being enough daylight to take photos or not having the best camera…
This simply reminds me that I don’t care enough about these external factors.
I love writing. I have a pen…
I love taking photos/videos to a certain extent. It’s not what you have it’s how you use it.
But once all this goes all you have is your memories.
Hence why my blog is called Memoirs and Musings.
It’s not about having the latest camera, laptop or being on-trend, does anyone actually really care?
You’ll never cash me outside how bout daaat in Notting Hill because let’s be real I would be going against everything I believe. I would be screaming Char ‘ACT YO WAGE’, especially since my wardrobe consists of a uniform of black vests and jeans from Primark.
Life is way too short.
There is so much shit going on this world.
Some may find solace in your amazingly shot outfit photos but remember this isn’t ‘real life’. I guess an element of our online personas is displaying a showreel of our best bits, best outfits and having the ‘best time’. Photos and words speak volumes, the medium is the message and so on. I’m not saying you should be as cynical as I am but take everything with a pinch of salt… like this gentleman:
Sourced from Giphy.
Give me Wetherspoons, Travelodge* and McDonald’s any day because that’s me. If posing outside a house you don’t own is you, don’t let my drunken musings bother you because I don’t care.
BYE 👋🏽

Char xo

*This post was written after a few too many glasses of wine and in a very long Uber journey home. Also re-reading this post has made me realise how much I crave to leave society, move to the Himalayan mountain and boil my existence down the ringing a bell once a week. 
*Since writing this post I have worked with Travelodge, gotta speak it into existence! 

23 thoughts on “Musings: I Don’t Care… My Drunken Thoughts on Blogging in 2017

  1. This was such an interesting read! I think it really captures the problems with the changing face of the blogging industry. It often seems that theres only one way to ‘succeed’. Take the whole ‘instagram theme’ thing – I personally love the look of a cohesive feed so strive for that myself, but I often wonder whether this is purely because that’s what has been set as the standard in the blogosphere. Ironically, it seems that following a formula to ‘succeed’ is simply leading so many to blend in with the crowd, and if I’m completely honest with myself, I find it difficult to say that I’m not one of those sheep.

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  3. I think it’s interesting seeing how much the blogging world has changed. I’ve had numerous blogs on and off for years. I started my first when I was 12 and I’m now 28, so despite long times spent without a blog I’ve still been around to see it change.

    Currently my blog couldn’t be further from the fashion blog image. I write a nature blog and you’re more likely to see images of insects than fake tan, though living in Cornwall there’s a ton of beach photos, I’m just not sunbathing in them. I think people interested in fashion will always associate blogging with that image, and there’s also birdwatching bloggers and tech bloggers and all kinds of bloggers whose image of what a blogger is couldn’t be further from that blonde image.

    I’ve worked in the fashion industry, and that’s still not my image of what a blogger is despite having been a photographer, model, and currently running a shop. But then, I don’t tend to read many fashion blogs and those I do are ones that stand out to me for another reason too.

    So many people trying to be the same, but I’ve met the loveliest people by blogging about something completely different and found a ton of friends who aren’t just engaging because they want return engagement and for me that’s what it’s all about. I read blogs that inspire me and engage with bloggers who seem fun and easy to talk to, and I’ve never been inspired by a post about what’s currently trending 😂

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  4. Oml. This post is everything I think everyone has thought about blogging at some point in their career (yes career because y’know what if you’re writing consitant content than I say it’s a part time/full time career!) as a blogger. You spoke as your true self and I love it! Let’s see more food reviews on local weatherspoons or McDonald’s aha. Absolutely brilliant post

    Much love


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