Musings: Friends ’til the End

I might be an a-hole at the best of times but I’ve always tried to be loyal and understanding when it comes to my relationships with my friends. There are people who I’ve fallen out with in the past because they all have that common S.O.B trait (self-obsessed b*stards). You know those narcissistic people who don’t let you get a word in edgeways.


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Listening to Kanye West’s ‘Real Friends’ made me think about this who I am happy to call a friend in my life and those who are just mere acquaintances. You know those situational friendships when you bond over a mutual hatred of a workplace, or love of common thing e.g make up; but other than that there is no real substance to the relationship. Not necessarily a bad thing, I wish them well in all they do but I know who I can call a friend in this day and age.

Gone are the days of the MySpace ‘Top 8‘ or having 234,983 best friends in school; my 20s have been much more about quality over quantity. I’d much rather have a close-knit circle of friends than a bunch of meaningless friendships with people I don’t actually care about.

Social media can make you feel like need to quantify your relationships, from a number of likes on an Instagram photo to how many followers you can get on Twitter. In actuality – who really cares?

The people who you call your friends should uplift you, support you and be a source of solace in a world thats against us all.

Who are you proud to call a friend?

Char xo

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