Musings: Where to in Summer 17?*

Summer is the perfect time for travel and for us in the Northern Hemisphere; it means good weather – usually. It means we get to see the BEST of each country we visit. There are some places that star during the winter – Salzburg and other places, for example – but for a city to shine, it usually needs the power of the sun. Summer brings out the best of the cities and means we have the potential for an amazing getaway. Everything happens in the summer – from great weather to amazing events, and that can make for one seriously incredible vacation.

Travel isn’t always easy though – and not just because of the rules and regulations. We live in a world where safety is a priority and rightly so – but there are far more frustrations on offer when we consider travel. Namely, we are spoilt for choice. Could we choose between Rome and Milan? NYC and Miami? Every place has amazing attractions and benefits, and there’s always a case of fear of missing out on display when it comes to deciding on your next travel destination. If we make one choice, we will have a great time, but we might regret turning down other options, and it can put a downer on a good time. No worries though – if you can’t make your mind up in regards to a potential destination for your summer getaway this year, we are here to help. Here are a whole bunch of handpicked options for you for your summer getaway – and you certainly will not regret your decision. Some of these destinations will be cities, with a direct view to getting you into a slice of a unique city – others will be countries, with a range of destinations. The final choice? It’s yours!


There is a lot to do in Jamaica, one of the many jewels of the Caribbean. There is plenty to do, plenty to see – including the home of Bob Marley, the Reggae legend. There’s plenty to eat – mutton, curry goat, plantain – Jamaica plays host to some of the best food in the world. Of course, there is plenty to drink as well. With sunny, hot and heated beaches including the legendary Montego Bay, plenty of places to explore, history, music, and culture to take in and of course, great food – there is a lot going for Jamaica, especially if you have not gone to the island before. Jamaica is also an amazing place to start your exploration of the Caribbean and you can easily access plenty of other islands from Jamaica.


The Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba

One of those islands? Hispaniola – shared between Haiti and The Dominican Republic just a stone’s throw from Cuba. If travel restrictions prevent you from heading to Cuba, you won’t miss out much if you head to The Dominican Republic. Cuba is a unique slice of life though – and should be visited if possible. Thanks to Communist rule, Cuba is a very different experience to most other countries in the world – and might seem stuck in the past, a little bit. You should visit if you can though. As for The Dominican Republic, it’s firmly entrenched in Western attitudes and follows the trend of Caribbean life. Thanks to its amazing beaches and great food, The Dominican Republic is an amazing place to visit – but it might not be as unique as Cuba or even Haiti. Haiti is steeped in history and was the site of one of the biggest slave revolts in history.


If Paris is the city of love – Milan is the city of the passionate. When the Milanese do things, they do them well. From food, art, and fashion – Milan is one of the cultural hubs of the world, let alone Europe and Italy. From the footballing legends of AC Milan to the fashion walkways of the inner city – Milan has a lot to offer to a wide range of interests. No matter who you are, you will find something in Milan to take your breath away. You can certainly have a lot of fun in Milan – and Italy!


Cambridge is one of the world’s most historic cities – and of course is one of two ‘University’ cities in the UK. The other being Oxford. Cambridge is full of history, and there are plenty of open talks for you to peruse to expand your mind as well. It’s the definition of ‘quaint, ‘ and you’ll certainly be able to find a nice local hotel for your base as you explore this corner of historic England. If one things true? It’s that places like Cambridge look good in the sun!

The Azores

You don’t need to head to the Caribbean to find exotic islands. Europe has a few – The Azores. Situated almost in the middle of nowhere within the middle of the vast Atlantic Ocean, these Portuguese-owned islands are incredibly unique – and you may not have heard of them. That’s precisely why you should be heading off to them. As soon as you can. A collection of nine amazing islands, the Azores are warm all year round, but excel in the summer. The Azores are hidden away, and your vacation will be all the better for it.



There is nowhere else in the world that holds the magic of Bali. It’s where east and west collide in a culture clash that will not just deliver but will defy your expectations. Full of luxury, budget options, and a spirituality that can’t be matched – Bali should be your choice of destination. There are lots of reasons to visit Bali, but most of all, it should be the looks. The extreme volcanism of its origin made way for spectacular island beauty. This island is an absolute gem. 

Char xo

Please note, this is a collaborative post.


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