Memoirs: 27

Soooooooooo I am in major denial that I am going to turn 27.

3 years until I enter a new decade.

7 years since I entered my 20s.

Am I still going through my quarter life crisis? Is it just a part of who I am now?

Am I a lost millennial figuring out life?

Whilst I may not want to celebrate the actual day (I have explained my reasons here and they haven’t changed), I do want to celebrate me, my life and all that I’ve done so far. Without not wanting to sound like a big head, I think I’m doing pretty well, I finally have a balance. I may not still not know what I want to do but does it matter? As long as I put my all into it and I feel strongly about what I’m doing, that is all that matters.

Life is way too short to comprimise your happiness.

I have had a strange year so far but I had a moment the other day where I felt content and excited for what the future holds. As much as you ‘plan’, sometimes you just have to ride the waves of life, instead of coasting through with no direction. I may not have my mansion, Range Rover or herd of puppies, but I have me and that’s all that matters.

Bring on the next 27 years.
Char xo

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