Musings: Office Oddities

I’ve worked in an office environment for the past few years, in companies big and small, and being the people watcher I am, I’ve noticed a few things along the way…

Sending you emails when you sit next to or across from each other.

• Sending passive aggressive emails that drop the ‘Kind’ out of ‘Kind Regards’.
• Those who type furiously to the point you wonder if the keyboard has collapsed within itself.
• Heavy breathers who sound like a faint hoover is on in the background.
• Those who eat and live at their desk and want to feel like a saint because they never take a lunch break. WELL DONE BRADLEY YOUR DESK IS COVERED IN CRUMBS, BUT YOU GOT YOUR REPORT IN BEFORE IT WAS DUE. 

• Those that are constantly talking about weight loss morning, noon and night. Shut up before I eat you.
• Those who ask you to go for a drink after work in the middle of the month (on a Monday) when payday is light-years away. It begs the question 1) How do you still have money? 2) Don’t you have a life or a hobby?
• Saying it’s ‘your turn’ to buy a round in the pub when 1) you only had TAP WATER 2) You get paid less than everyone else. BYE

• Asking about your weekend only so they can talk about theirs.
• Asking about your holidays only so they can talk about theirs.
• Asking about your personal life so they can talk about theirs.
• The competition of who can stay at work the latest or get there earliest, all whilst you mentally add how much overtime they’re doing for free. 😊 *sips tea*
• Not knowing the difference between stationary and stationery.
• The office manager asking you to contribute to someone’s present/card when you hate said person.
• Not de-scaling the kettle and casually drinking timescale in their hot drinks. Y’all nasty.

Have you ever worked in an office environment? What things have you noticed?


Char xo

Please note the images in this post do not belong to me, they have been sourced from Giphy for reference purposes.

8 thoughts on “Musings: Office Oddities

  1. I have come across most of the above lol – all of which are very annoying.

    Equally annoying: when people who eat loudly at their desks (food in mouth, close mouth and chew – not hard really), people who always want to close the windows because they didn’t dress appropriately and are now shivering, people who heat sardines in the kitchen microwave (seriously, some smells are not welcome – save that for your own kitchen) and those who wear cheap earphones that leak all the ‘chchhchchch’ sound out for everyone else’s delight, and those who seem to speak at ten times their normal volume when they’re on the phone!

    This is a really good blog topic, one most people can relate to at some point.

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