Musings: The Little Book of Jewellery

I was recently sent ‘The Little Book of Jewellery’ to try and if you’re wondering it is a little book where you keep your jewellery… pretty self-explanatory huh?

In essence, it came about after the owner, Jackie…

‘searched for years for a neat way to store and organise her earrings. There are several good products available like earring ‘trees’ that will keep earrings organised but the drawback with these is they have to stand on the dressing table or shelf. We were after something that would hold the earrings securely but could also be kept in a drawer for safekeeping or, when traveling, could be carried in a suitcase.’

Excerpt from the company website

Have you ever had those moments where you’ve taken your earrings off and put them down on your dressing table, popped them in your handbag, or on your bedside table and come back to get them and they’re gone? This happens to me ALL THE TIME. I’ve lost count at how many earrings I’ve misplaced, lost, or have frankly walked away because they’ve had enough of my carelessness. I guess this is why I can’t have nice things and like to stick to the affordable side of life. One day I will be adorned with Chanel and Cartier, but for now, I’ll stick to Primark and H&M…

Anyway, back to the Little Book of Jewellery which actually doesn’t contain any words but instead pages of useful spaces to put your earrings. Instead of throwing them in your bag or keeping them on the card they came in, you can keep them all together in this handy little book. It will even save you some space if you keep it on your bookshelf…

Why you should try this:

  • Space saving, of course, they even have an even (excuse my grammar), littler book of earrings
  • Can be stored easily in your drawer, bookshelf, suitcase or handbag if travelling.
  • Holds up to 48 pairs of earrings… Lucky you if you have that many!
  • Available in lots of different colours and patterns so if you’re after a unique gift for the jewellery obsessed jetsetter in your life, this would be perfect. I chose pink because it
  • AFFORDABLE, around the £15, depending on where you purchase it.
  • You can also purchase its brother and sister books, where you can store your rings and necklaces.
  • Perfect for travel, instead of taking one pair of earrings, take them all! You’ll be comforted by the fact they are kept cushioned by secure padding and won’t break. I’ll be taking this book with me to Vegas in September because a girl can never bring (or in my case, attempt not to break) too many earrings!

You can find out more about The Little Book of Jewellery here.

Don’t forget to give them a follow Twitter over @LittleShopOfLtd. 

What space saving products do you take with you on your travels? 

Char xo

Please note, this product was sent for my review, but all views are my own. 

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