Musings: Things that Annoy Me at the Gym

Whilst I may not be the biggest fan of going to the gym, I’ve learnt to tolerate it and make it part of my daily routine. However, maybe it’s just my cheap no-frills gym or gyms in general but don’t you encounter the strangest etiquette? Here are a few things that grind my gears:

  1. When you’re using the machine and someone asks you how many sets you have left… Great, now you’ve interrupted me so I cannot remember.
  2. The grunters. Enough said… this isn’t Wimbledon.
  3. Sweaty equipment. There is no need for your bum sweat to still be on the seat, just wipe it off and go about your day.
  4. The ones who have a full blown conversation (I am actually listening though).
  5. The selfie squad. I do love the odd selfie don’t get me wrong but I’ve witnessed people spend way too long in the mirror trying to take the perfect selfie. Okay we get it, you went to the gym, but keep it moving,
  6. Not putting equipment back. So now I have to run around the gym looking for the weight I want. I DON’T WANNA BE HERE ANYWAY, WHY MAKE IT A REAL LIFE PUZZLE?

    Image sourced from Unsplash.
  7. The personal trainers who won’t stop bothering when you walk in.
  8. The ones who stare. These ones creep me out, focus on your own form and workout and stop staring at me. I don’t know what they get out of it but it’s just plain creepy…

    Image sourced from Unsplash.
  9. Unsolicited advice. Unless you have a personal training qualification, keep your advice it yourself.

  10. The too short shorts. I am no fashionista and I don’t enjoy judging people’s outfits unless you’re a celeb, but some people love to wear shorts that are just way to short. I know they’re called shorts but sometimes they should be LONG.

What things annoy you at the gym?

You can check out my airport annoyances, pet peeves and post-holiday blue blog posts here. I’m guessing today was a rant-fuelled day for me. 😊

Char xo

3 thoughts on “Musings: Things that Annoy Me at the Gym

  1. I go through the same as so many others. The strangest thing about all this trouble it that gyms have been operating so long that people should have already learnt how to behave. On the other hand I am sure that they would find it unpleasant to play the other role in this situation.


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